I don’t like TV ad with Bill Gates Sr. | Federal Way letters

Have you seen the TV ad showing Bill Gates Sr. sitting above a dunk tank?

I don’t like it.

First, I don’t like seeing an old man being tortured by young kids.

Take a close look. When you see the old man above the tank, he is wearing glasses. When a kid’s softball finally hits the bull’s-eye, the old man drops into the water. He is not wearing glasses. He immediately jumps up and he is wearing glasses again. Magic!

Listen closely. The ad is about an initiative to impose an income tax on only the rich. Listen closely again. Does he say the words “income tax?” No. Is he afraid to tell us the truth? Does he say anything about this income tax never being imposed on those who are not rich?

There is too much magic in this ad. I don’t like it and I hope you don’t either.

Leo J. Thoennes, Federal Way