Cramming ‘perverted values’ onto whole society

Does the rainbow flag represent a tiny minority with a laser beam focus on grooming the next generation?

Will the city of Federal Way fly a rainbow flag during “Pride Month”? If so, the tiny LGBT minority is flexing too much power.

What power do the LGBTs have? Where to start?

Here’s one example of a major power grab. The LGBTs are after your children.

When we fly the rainbow gay flag, we are celebrating the LGBT/homosexual activism in the public schools through activist homosexual and allied teachers (Gay and Lesbian Independent School Teachers Network members) heavy-handedly promoting the homosexual LGBT cult to tweens and teens.

Yes, the LGBT cult is after the age 11-year-olds and up at the middle and high school levels at all of the Federal Way Public schools. The cultish Gay Straight Alliance clubs are only known by their anacronym “GSA.” And the GSA clubs do not show up for a club photo in the yearbooks of these schools. These clubs are flying under the radar.

The activists school staff members strategically place rainbow colored “SAFE SPACE” stickers around the high schools and middle schools. The activist school staff members wear rainbow buttons to dragnet other people’s children into the homosexual and transgender lifestyle.

SAFE SPACE classrooms are run by “trusted adults.” Here is where the school really doubles down on stomping on parental rights. The teachers that have put out these stickers are available for a private conversation with a FWPS student (aka, someone else’s child).

The conversations between school staff members and your child about your child’s sexual attractions is top secret and private, according to FWPS school policies.

According to FWPS, the parents have no right to know if their child is coming out as gay or transsexual at school.

Now does flying the rainbow flag make the citizens of Federal Way proud?

Or does the rainbow flag represent a tiny minority cramming its perverted values onto the whole society, with a laser beam focus on grooming the next generation?

Mary Locke

Federal Way