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Safer than you think: Police protection in Federal Way | Bob Roegner

It’s early in the political season. So I wasn’t overly surprised when I read a letter to the editor where a citizen was demanding more… Continue reading

Guilty pleasures: Political drama from a Federal Way neighbor | Bob Roegner

The political stakes in Auburn just went up!Auburn City Council member and potential mayoral candidate Virginia Haugen was found “not guilty” of the charge of… Continue reading

Tragedy stains King County Assessor’s office | Bob Roegner

“Mothers, don’t let your sons grow up to be cowboys” is a refrain from an old song.Mothers, you may want to add “or politicians” to… Continue reading

What does the future hold for the Federal Way School District?For most in our community, the Federal Way school system is a source of pride.… Continue reading

Want to run for local office? | Bob Roegner

If you have ever considered running for office, this might be your year.This is considered a “local” year under the election cycle, and offices from… Continue reading

Downtown Federal Way: What might have been | Bob Roegner

The recent Federal Way City Council discussions on a performing arts center have caused many in the community to ponder what might have been.Residents see… Continue reading

Huff wins wacky race for King County Elections Director | Bob Roegner

The “new” director of elections for King County is Sherril Huff.In this wacky, fun-filled election, it should be noted that Huff was also the “old”… Continue reading

Performing arts center: It’s all about timing | Bob Roegner

The tough times have hit the Northwest and along with it, Federal Way.News of layoffs at Washington Mutual, Weyerhaeuser, Boeing, Microsoft and King County occur… Continue reading

Race for elections director: Huff has the edge

“What in the world is this ballot for? And who are these people?”A friend asked me these two questions last week. So, I told him:… Continue reading

2009 Legislature: Watch that political sausage

Welcome to the 2009 edition of Washington’s citizen government.If you’ve never been to Olympia when the Legislature is in session, you should go. It is… Continue reading

County Executive race could get complicated

Who will be King County Executive January 1, 2010?That’s the question being asked from the courthouse to Olympia to Washington D.C., but the process that… Continue reading

Local and state politics: What to look for in 2009

As we say goodbye or in some cases good riddance to 2008, we wonder what 2009 will bring.In the nation’s capital, the Democrats have the… Continue reading

Bob Roegner’s 2008 political awards

Another year just about gone. But what a year it was!Nationally, change swept the nation as voter dissatisfaction turned a relatively unknown African-American senator from… Continue reading

Election humor: The lighter side of politics

As we pause for a couple of days to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, it’s a good time to reflect on the historic… Continue reading

Director of elections: The quest for integrity in King County

The public’s expectations for its elected officials are high.People expect honesty, integrity, sound character, mature judgment and tempered objective decision-making. They will accept, as a… Continue reading

Budget season in King County: Get ready to hyperventilate

The budget! The budget!Oh my goodness, the leaves are turning, it’s getting cold, and it’s time to order an extra 10 pounds of coffee because… Continue reading

Help wanted after historic 2008 election

Wow, there’s a lot of political maneuvering and speculation going on.

Parallels in history and hope: 1960 vs. 2008

“The torch has been passed to a new generation…”

King County elections: They ain’t over yet

For those of you who are glad the election season is over and think your life will return to normal for a year until the next election cycle, think again.