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Waiting on Gregoire’s next step | Bob Roegner

Recently, the media disclosed that Gov. Christine Gregoire is on a White House list as a possible replacement for Solicitor General.The Solicitor General position could… Continue reading

Legislative races in WA: The balance of power | Bob Roegner

Several candidates are already maneuvering for positions as the legislative races start getting under way.Half of the state Senate is up for re-election and all… Continue reading

Mayor election and the importance of words | Bob Roegner

How important are words?We have dictionaries, thesauruses and numerous books on the proper use of words. We had English teachers to ensure that we would… Continue reading

Game-changers in Federal Way mayoral race | Bob Roegner

And now there are four.This past week, Republican State Rep. Skip Priest confirmed he will join the field as a candidate for mayor of Federal… Continue reading

Strange and sexy political tales in Washington | Bob Roegner

You’ve just got to love politics. Yes, I know the auto industry and Wall Street with their bailouts and fraud have been good fun for… Continue reading

Is 2010 a Republican year? | Bob Roegner

Is this a Republican year? Many from both parties think it might be.

Bumpy start for Federal Way mayoral election | Bob Roegner

Now, at a time when most campaigns are still under the radar, and the public’s attention is on the opening of baseball season or the first sighting of daffodils, we’ve already had two controversies. Is this the trend many feared would occur, or simply a bumpy start? Only time will tell.

Did Rob McKenna make a mistake? | Bob Roegner

Has Attorney General Rob McKenna finally made a mistake on his way to the Governor's Mansion?Or has he made another calculated and shrewd move as… Continue reading

Federal Way can learn from Bremerton | Bob Roegner

On March 10, the Federal Way Kiwanis Club hosted a panel discussion on the potential impact of the new strong mayor form of government the… Continue reading

Dems look for love in the Legislature | Bob Roegner

By any measurement, the 2010 session of the Washington state Legislature hasn’t been any fun.The responsibility of governing is never easy, but in financially good… Continue reading

What to look for in Federal Way’s mayor | Bob Roegner

What do you want in a mayor? What background, skills and traits are important?There might be two candidates or there could be eight. But how… Continue reading

Guess who’s running for mayor? | Bob Roegner

Each election season brings twists, turns and surprises.In the whole scheme of who will run for Federal Way's mayor or who won’t, this may seem… Continue reading

Voters need Municipal League | Bob Roegner

Do you care about good government?Do you care about electing good candidates to public office?If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then… Continue reading

Political tales from the treadmill | Bob Roegner

I still hate the treadmill! I’ve written before about my love-hate relationship with this ill-tempered machine with evil human qualities. I know it’s good for… Continue reading

Mayoral candidates: Federal Way’s early lineup | Bob Roegner

There continues to be speculations about who will run for mayor of Federal Way, so I consulted my expert panel of advisors. Listed below is… Continue reading

Dance for Federal Way’s top job | Bob Roegner

Do you like to dance? Maybe a waltz occasionally, or something with a little more energy — say a fox trot?Politically speaking, the dance for… Continue reading

Council’s big mayoral transition | Bob Roegner

What do you do on the first and third Tuesday night of each month?If the answer is that you watch "NCIS," than you need to… Continue reading

School technology levy is vote-worthy | Bob Roegner

With the Legislature in session, people maneuvering to run for Federal Way mayor, and the economy still limping along, you may not have noticed that… Continue reading

What are mayoral candidates thinking? | Bob Roegner

Recently I was asked, “Why do we only have one announced candidate for mayor of Federal Way?”First of all, there are several other “possible” candidates… Continue reading

Political posturing in the Legislature | Bob Roegner

Just when you thought the fun was over for a while, it’s time for the Legislature to meet again. This is a state election year… Continue reading