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King County executive race: Feel the excitement | Bob Roegner

The most exciting race for King County executive in 20 years is now under way.But when voters changed county government to be non-partisan, they didn’t… Continue reading

Noble’s resignation and sentencing shake up King County assessor race | Bob Roegner

With his June 18 resignation as King County Assessor, and his sentencing June 19, Scott Noble brought to a close a 16-year record — and… Continue reading

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Neal Beets is a good and decent man who tried his best to be a successful city manager for Federal Way.But the fact that he… Continue reading

Can the Federal Way court objectively investigate itself? | Bob Roegner

In November 2008, Federal Way Municipal Court Judge David Larson had a “hot potato” in his hands.Court supervisor Cindy Roque had made allegations of possible… Continue reading

Federal Way court drama: You be the judge | Bob Roegner

Federal Way made the news again recently: A former employee filed a claim for damages for $500,000 against the city and the municipal court, alleging… Continue reading

City manager’s departure marks the end of an era in Federal Way | Bob Roegner

The Neal Beets era as Federal Way’s city manager came to a quiet end last week with the city council voting 5-2 to approve a… Continue reading

Federal Way City Council vacancy opens the field | Bob Roegner

Just when you thought those lazy, hazy summer days of barbecues and relaxation were just around the corner, Federal Way City Council member Eric Faison… Continue reading

Will the King County Assessor change his plea? | Bob Roegner

The news that King County Assessor Scott Noble’s recent hearing on his DUI/vehicular assault charge had been canceled caught the attention of many in the… Continue reading

Centerstage and the passion of the performing arts | Bob Roegner

Being on the city council is never easy, but sometimes the unintended twists and turns of even the simplest, most straight-forward ideas are enough to… Continue reading

King County Executive: Who will replace Ron Sims? | Bob Roegner

Most of you haven’t read much about this year’s race to replace King County Executive Ron Sims.That’s because Sims hasn’t left yet and may not… Continue reading

2009 state Legislature cuts to the chase | Bob Roegner

The end of the 2009 state legislative session is in sight.Barring something unforeseen, they will adjourn April 26. The last month will really tell what… Continue reading

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Are you red or blue?Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Or, like many Washington state voters, are you a little of both?Some people aren’t… Continue reading

Safer than you think: Police protection in Federal Way | Bob Roegner

It’s early in the political season. So I wasn’t overly surprised when I read a letter to the editor where a citizen was demanding more… Continue reading

Guilty pleasures: Political drama from a Federal Way neighbor | Bob Roegner

The political stakes in Auburn just went up!Auburn City Council member and potential mayoral candidate Virginia Haugen was found “not guilty” of the charge of… Continue reading

Tragedy stains King County Assessor’s office | Bob Roegner

“Mothers, don’t let your sons grow up to be cowboys” is a refrain from an old song.Mothers, you may want to add “or politicians” to… Continue reading

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