Suspect stabs woman as she walks to Park 16 Apartments

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log:

Correct distance: On May 14, police were called to the 32000 block of 11th Place South regarding a violation of a protection order. The victim reported her husband was at the nearby storage facility across the street from her apartment complex. An officer responded and made contact with the suspect. The suspect reported he did not believe he was within 500 feet of her apartment and was released. The officer took digital photographs and later measured the distance. The suspect’s storage unit is about 375 feet from the victim’s apartment. The suspect is being charged with violation of the protection order via mail.

Robbery and knifing: On May 14, police were notified of a robbery by knifepoint near Todd Beamer High School in the 35000 block of 16th Avenue S. The victim claims to have been robbed at knifepoint as she was walking home to the Park 16 Apartments. When she refused, the suspect stabbed her and took her backpack. The victim was treated at St. Francis Hospital for a stab wound to the abdomen and released. Minimal suspect information.

Social Security number: On May 10, police were dispatched to the 1800 block of S. 282nd Place regarding a report that an unknown suspect(s) had been using someone else’s Social Security number without permission. The victim had been contacted by King County Housing Authority indicating her Section 8 Housing was in jeopardy after an income verification report was conducted. The report indicated the unknown suspect(s) had used the victim’s Social Security number from 2010 –to 2017 and had been paid income by various employers.

Wife left with kids: On May 10, a male resident on the 34000 block of 31st Place Southwest called police. The man advised police that he came home from work and saw a note from his wife saying that she was leaving him. The wife is originally from Ukraine. The husband believes his wife is taking his 3- and 5-year-old children out of the country. The wife has only told her husband that the kids are safe. The husband had not made contact with an attorney to discuss his situation. The police advised the husband that the wife has committed no crime to this point.

Hospital trespassing: On May 11, police were officers were dispatched to St. Francis Hospital, 34515 9th Ave. S., to respond to an unwanted person call. Security had asked the male to leave 8-10 times over a 20-minute period with the male refusing. Officers requested the male to leave for over 30 minutes with the male making little progress to leaving. The male was arrested for trespassing.

Same car, different dates: On May 8, police were the 1700 block of S. 308th Street for a report of an abandoned vehicle. The listed van had a shattered passenger front side glass and pry marks on the door. The police officer made attempts to contact the rightful owner with the listed address and phone number with no success. The officer left a voice message advising of the damage and hazard of the vehicle’s glass. A 24-hour impound notice was also placed on the driver’s side glass. On May 11, police were dispatched again to the same vehicle with a different reporting party. It appeared that someone had pryed open the sliding door on the passenger side and a blue plastic barrel was left leaning against the van. The van’s inside cargo area was filled to the ceiling with used auto parts and miscellaneous items. I was unable to locate the registered owner. No suspects or witnesses information available.

Fake bills: On May 11, a clerk at a business establishment in the 33000 block of Pacific Highway South contacted police. A subject had entered the business and presented a $100 bill to purchase cigarettes. The clerk stated it was immediately obvious that the bill was fake, and she told the person that the bill was fake. The subject demanded the bill be returned to them. When the clerk refused, the subject left in a vehicle. The police inspected the listed bill, which was in very poor condition and obviously fake, and seized it as evidence. No further suspect, vehicle, or witness information.

Fraudulent loan: On May 7, a male on the 31000 block of 33rd Place Southwest reported to police that he had been the victim of fraud. The male had been seeking a loan and had contacted a company called “Speed Cash Loan.” The male gave his bank account information to a supposed representative and received funds in his account. The victim then purchased gift cards on behalf of the representative and lost a total of $2,500. The victim’s bank, Chase Bank, is stating that he now has a $5,400 debt.

Shoplifting: On May 11, police responded to Walmart regarding an in-custody shoplifter. After running the male suspect’s information through various databases, it was discovered the suspect was wanted on a $25,000 felony burglary warrant. Dispatch confirmed the warrant and the suspect was booked into jail.

I’m OK mom: On May 11, police responded to a report on the 900 block of SW Campus Drive. The mom reported that her son’s whereabouts were currently unknown. The mother advised police that he had left the residence at 3 p.m. for a church function, but she has been unable to contact him since. There were no suspicious circumstances and the juvenile did not suffer from any psychological or medical conditions. The juvenile’s cell phone would go straight to voicemail. The mother insisted that this behavior was out of the ordinary. A case was generated and units were able to locate the juvenile at Northwest Church, 34800 21st Ave SW, on a mission sleepover. The juvenile was in good health.

Too much to drink: On May 12, police responded to a fight at the Union Apartments, 2111 SW 352nd St. The subject was highly intoxicated, loud, disorderly and bleeding. He was unable to care for himself or drive. Witnesses stated the man fell down and hit his face, and was stumbling and tripping all over the parking lot. He was also punching himself in the face. The man could not identify himself or his date of birth. He had no idea where he was. He was argumentative, had slurred speech, and there was an intense odor of alcohol protruding from him. There was a half-empty gallon size bottle of rum next to his vehicle. It was also reported that witnesses saw him drinking heavily at a bar all night.

Broken glass: On May 11, the manager at Walgreen’s, 28817 Military Road S., called police to report the pharmacy window was damaged sometime during the previous night. The police officer observed the outer pane of the window was shattered. The interior safety glass was damaged, but intact. There were also several large rocks on the ground nearby, which appear to have been used to damage the window. There was no evidence that entry was made into the store. No video surveillance available.

Armed shoplifting: On May 12, an asset protection associate at Macy’s at the Commons Mall reported an armed robbery had just occurred. An unknown male entered the store, selected several items and left without paying. The associate contacted the man as he was leaving. The man lifted his shirt and a handgun was displayed in his waist band. The man left the store in a silver vehicle.

Road rage: On May 14, police responded to a possible road rage incident in the area of 1300 S. 320th Street. This case involved a red truck striking a green car. The red truck fled the scene. There was one witness who gave license plate information on the truck. The driver of the car claimed to have an upper left thigh injury.

Hey, you need to pay for that: On May 12, police were dispatched to Ace Hardware at 30650 Pacific Highway S. on a shoplifting case. A male had entered the store and asked one of the employees to unlock a shelf to view a Dewalt drill. The male took one of the drills and ran out of the store without paying for it. The employee described a white male, 5 feet 6 inches tall, clean shaven and with a neck tattoo. No other information was obtained.

Trashy sidewalk: On May 12 in the 200 block of S. 348th Street, police responded to a sidewalk littered with junk and trash, causing an obstruction and preventing safe use by others. The junk consisted of broken glass, discarded bags, old wood/plastic shipping pallets, nut, bolts and various broken bicycle parts. There were also several old propane tanks sitting in the sun and near dry brush and grass. A person sitting near the items denied any of the items belonged to him. Federal Way public works employees were contacted and responded several hours later. The items were subsequently removed. The sidewalk is now safe to use again.

Disgruntled: On May 12, a resident in the 33000 block of 37th Avenue SW called police to report a burglary. The resident is a contractor who was hired to remodel the house, which is currently empty. The contractor discovered his tools were missing from the location and suspects a former employee he recently fired. There were no witnesses or evidence the person of interest is responsible.

Everything that’s gold is not always good: On May 13, police responded to a call from the Black Angus Steakhouse, 2400 S. 320th St., for a malicious mischief incident. The sidewalk near the front door and east side of the building had been splattered with gold paint. The employee said the paint came from the storage shed located in the rear of the building. The only person suspected is a current employee who just turned in her two-week notice. The cost to remove the paint will be about $500.

Theft from car: On May 12, police received a call regarding theft from a car on the 29000 block of 23rd Place S. The car was parked on the street and locked. The victim had left her purse on the front passenger seat. An unknown suspect used a rock to smash the front passenger window. The suspect then took the victim’s purse and fled. No witnesses or suspects located.

Another one: On May 12, police responded to a vehicle break-in in the parking lot at 35025 Enchanted Parkway. The victim parked her car in the parking lot and went inside for breakfast. The victim left her purse containing credit cards, checkbooks, a child’s retainer and other items valued to $500 in the vehicle. When the victim returned to the car, the driver’s side window had been broken, estimated repair cost of $150, and the purse was stolen. No suspect, witnesses or evidence.

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