Federal Way Mirror Male Athlete of the Week for April 22: Sergio Blanco-Ramirez

TJHS senior is a fierce competitor on the boys soccer team.

Thomas Jefferson High School senior Sergio Blanco-Ramirez, soccer, was selected as the Federal Way Mirror Male Athlete of the Week for April 22.

Q: What is your favorite subject/class in school?

A: English and history.

Q: What additional activities/hobbies do you enjoy?

A: Hanging out with friends and listening to music.

Q: Person who has helped you succeed the most?

A: My father.

Q: What is the best advice you’ve been given when it comes to your sport?

A: Five minutes of extra work separates you from being a good player and a great player.

Q: Describe your pre-game ritual:

A: Taping my wrist, listening to music, praying and eating M&M’s.

Q: What’s your favorite post-game meal?

A: Chicken and white rice.

Q: Song you currently can’t stop listening to?

A: “Turn My Swag On” by Soulja Boy.

From the sidelines: TJHS senior Sergio Blanco-Ramirez pushed through a lot of injuries to help the team be competitive. He i a great leader on the team and has been a fierce competitor throughout the season.