Breathing for Sleep Review: Real Results or Negative Side Effects?

Do you struggle with sleep? Waking up every morning feeling like a zombie is no way to go through life. Don’t resort to drugs and supplements to get the rest you need. The Breathing for Sleep program promises you the best night’s rest of your life.

Introducing Breathing for Sleep – The Innovative Approach to Improving Your Sleep Quality

Zach Zenios is the developer of the Breathing for Sleep program. He’s a licensed neurosomatic therapist and received his master’s degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa.

Zach dedicated his professional career to helping people improve their sleep quality. Sleep is vital to our well-being and life. If we sleep poorly, it affects every aspect of our physiology and life experience.

The Breathing for Sleep program teaches techniques to unlock the therapeutic value of sleep and improve sleep quality. Learn tips and tricks that help you activate the sleep nerve in your tongue and pass it out to Lalaland in two minutes. Many people have trouble falling asleep at night, relying on supplements like melatonin and Z-drugs like Zopiclone to get the rest they need.

However, these supplements and drugs diminish your sleep quality instead of improving it. Zach understands this and created the Breathing for Sleep program to teach you the techniques you need for the best rest of your life.

The Breathing for Sleep program is a science-based approach to sleep. In the program, Zach walks you through the research from leading medical institutions, like Harvard Medical School, on how to boost sleep quality. He’ll give you access to the science you need to enhance your sleep quality.

Improve your sleep latency (the time it takes to fall asleep), enhance your deep and REM sleep to recharge your body and brain, and reduce light sleep that does nothing to rejuvenate your mind and body. This system is one-of-a-kind and the only guide you need to improve your sleep quality.

Zach’s program is so effective that he’s featured in leading media platforms and TV shows to discuss it and prove it works. You might have seen him appear in papers in the National Academy of Sports Medicine, CriticalBench.com, StrongFirst, and The Center for Neurosomatic Studies.

  • Silence your mind in seconds and fall asleep fast.
  • Sleep through the night without waking up.
  • Stop snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Wake up feeling restored and full of energy.

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What Do I Get with the Breathing for Sleep Program?

#1 – The Breathing for Sleep Coaching Video

This guide walks you through the benefits of the Breathing for Sleep program and explains the science behind why it works. It’s a video file in which Zach gives you vital information on how to enjoy the best sleep of your life.

This 10-minute video shows you how executing this technique activates your sleep nerve, ends snoring, and allows you to fall asleep in just two minutes. Learn how to overcome the need for a sleep apnea machine and how to stop mouth breathing to improve your sleep quality.

Learn techniques like the “Circular Sinus Massage” to clear congestion and the “Knuckle Sinus Hold” to open your airways. Learn the breathing technique that unleashes the “Relaxation Molecule” to quiet your body and brain and prepare you for sleep.

#2 – The Breathing for Sleep Audio Routine

This audio routine downloads to all Android and iOS devices. It’s the Audio of the Breathing for Sleep program, which you listen to to practice while you’re in bed and preparing to go to sleep.

Zach walks you through the techniques in a two-minute routine that guarantees the best night’s sleep. Eventually, you’ll learn to execute the routine by yourself, and you won’t need to rely on the audio file anymore.

#3 – Breathing for Sleep Handbook PDF

This handbook PDF file teaches you tips and tricks to enhance the efficacy of the Breathing for Sleep audio file. Learn tongue tricks to quiet your brain the moment your head hits the pillow. Discover the three “insomniac habits” destroying your sleep quality.

Learn the best sleeping position and how the others affect your sleep quality. Discover how to avoid the one mistake that reduces natural melatonin production in the brain by up to 50%. Learn Thai monks’ breathing techniques, allowing them to sleep on wooden floors and experience amazing sleep quality with just four hours of sleep.

Finally, learn about the foods and beverages to avoid before going to sleep to ensure you have a peaceful night.

#4 – The BreatheMax Pillow

When you order the Breathing for Sleep program, you get a free BreatheMax pillow with your purchase of the system. This pillow features an ergonomic design that supports the contour of the cervical spine for the optimal sleeping position.

You get support for your head, preventing it from moving at night. The BreatheMax pillow features design and construction with hypoallergenic, high-quality memory foam to ensure it never needs fluffing. It offers ultimate support for decades of nightly use.

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Breathing for Sleep – Pros & Cons


  • Experience an improvement in your sleep quality.
  • Break free from dependence on Z-drugs and melatonin supplements.
  • Get the BreatheMax pillow included in the cost of your purchase.
  • Three free digital bonuses are included.
  • 75% discount on the regular retail price.


  • A shipping fee is required for the pillow and handbook.
  • Limited-time special pricing offer.

Order Breathing for Sleep on Promotion & Save

Zach Zenios wants to make the Breathing for Sleep program affordable for anyone to purchase. This program could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. But Zach has the goal of helping as many people as possible improve their sleep quality. His goal is to reach over a million people with his program, and the only way he can make that happen is by making the program as affordable as possible.

This innovative sleep program usually retails for $197. Today, you can order the Breathing for Sleep program for the special discounted price of $79 + $7.99 for shipping and handling, which covers the cost of sending you the handbook and the BreatheMax pillow.

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A single month of a Z-drug prescription can cost you close to that price. The Breathing for Sleep program allows you to free yourself from the costs associated with drugs like Ambien and supplements like Melatonin that drain your bank account and don’t offer any therapeutic value to your sleep.

Zach understands you might be skeptical about his program. That’s why he’s offering a 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. If you don’t experience results, just apply for a refund.

Get Free Bonuses when You Commit to the Breathing for Sleep Program Today

When you commit to ordering The Breathing for Sleep program today, Zach will give you free bonuses with your order, valued at $57.

  • Bonus #1 – “The 10 Worst Sleep Mistakes” (Value $27)
  • Bonus #2 – “Sleep Like a Baby Checklist” (Value $15)
  • Bonus #3 – “The Truth About Melatonin” (Value $15)

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Breathing for Sleep – FAQ

Q: How many people are seeing benefits from the Breathing for Sleep program?

A: Join the 78,466 people who are already seeing benefits from implementing this breathing system for better sleep. The official Facebook page has over 361,000 likes. This system gives you real results that improve your sleep quality.

Q: Will the Breathing for Sleep program work for me if I sleep with an apnea machine and mask?

A: Yes! The Breathing for Sleep program doesn’t interfere with using your sleep apnea machine. These techniques will work for anyone, regardless of their current sleep habits, body weight, or health status.

Q: Do I need to use mouth tape when implementing the Breathing for Sleep program?

A: No. There are no extra requirements for you to benefit from the Breathing for Sleep program. Just implement it in your life, and you’ll get results. Many people who tell you that you need these additional sleep aids are simply wrong about their effect on your sleep quality. The Breathing for Sleep program is a proven science, tested and enjoyed by tens of thousands worldwide.

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Q: Does my bedroom need a specific temperature for the Breathing for Sleep program to work?

A: Listen to the experts, and they’ll tell you your bedroom should be around 60 degrees so you can enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. However, what if you don’t have air conditioning in your room? The Breathing for Sleep program will work for you, regardless of the temperature of your sleeping environment.

Q: Can the Breathing for Sleep program help me wean myself off sleeping medications?

A: Yes! If you have issues with falling asleep, it’s common to visit the doctor for a prescription to solve the problem. The reality is these drugs don’t provide any real benefit to your sleep quality. They might help you get to sleep faster, but they leave you feeling groggy in the morning and interfere with your REM and NREM sleep. The Breathing for Sleep program improves your sleep latency, helping you fall asleep faster while boosting your sleep quality.

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