Safe injection vans are not the answer

I am writing in regards to the June 22 article on installing a “safe” injection van for narcotics in the greater Seattle area. Let me make this clear to the council behind this idea: This is the most counterintuitive, cruel and insane idea I have ever heard in my life.

I’m astonished it continues to exist, trying to slither its way into our communities. Did you not get the hint the first time Federal Way chased you out of the city during your plans of establishing a permanent injection site? We don’t want you here! We have young, vulnerable children that will be exposed to this monstrosity of an idea, to the crime that will explode as a result. Anyone who believes this idea can seriously combat Seattle’s persistent drug problem is dangerously naive. It is nothing but an attempt to reap the bloody profits of a black drug market, installing injection sites at the expense of Seattle residents, youth, children and perpetuating the drug problem to fund their greedy pockets. I cannot believe the county is actually considering this! And with $1.8 million projected costs for the start-up? How about instead using that to fund the education of our children and organizations that truly combat drug problems like rehab centers, churches and Drug Free America programs?

Attempting to save the drug-addicted from death by conveniently giving them the very device causing their death is a cruel, torturous idea. Sully was right in declaring that the project is “where we start, not end” treatment, only the reality of the matter is in reverse. We’ve already permanently voted to ban you, so respect the opinion of the people and stay out.

Karina Abramchuk, Federal Way