Mirror editorial: Reject I-1033, approve Referendum 71

Initiative 1033

I-1033 is another attempt by initiative junkie Tim Eyman to add unnecessary fine print to Washington state’s government.

The Washington State Office of Financial Management estimates that I-1033, if passed by voters, will reduce the state’s general fund by $5.9 billion, the counties’ general funds by $694 million and cities’ general funds by $2.1 billion by 2015.

The initiative is expected to increase Federal Way’s projected $15 million general fund deficit in 2015 to $17.3 million. It will also limit Federal Way’s ability to respond to emergencies, emerging issues and opportunities.

According to Eyman, I-1033 promises to lower property taxes and limit state, counties’ and cities’ abilities to spend wildly by putting restrictions on the amount of revenue directed to each entity’s general fund. Caps for any one year will be based on the previous year’s total revenue to the general fund, plus a percentage reflecting inflation and growth.

The path of least resistance is always the most efficient, but I-1033 is a logjam in fundamental government efficiency — and Federal Way will suffer if the initiative passes.

The Mirror recommends voting no on I-1033.

Referendum 71

The Mirror recommends approving Referendum 71 to expand domestic partnership rights to gay and lesbian families as well as senior domestic partners. Opponents of the legislation want to “protect” marriage, but in reality, the opponents only want to protect their own deeply-ingrained prejudices and fear of change. Throughout history, any attempts to expand the rights of marginalized people have been met with resistance. Examples include women’s suffrage and the desegregation of schools. This legislation helps maximize personal freedom and independence for a small slice of the population. Referendum 71 is worth approving.