Federal Way police chief responds to death of George Floyd

By Andy J. Hwang

Federal Way Chief of Police

As law enforcement leaders and professionals, we know that having the support and the trust of our community is absolutely essential to our success.

The dedicated, highly trained, and diverse police professionals who are responsible for helping our community thrive are fully aware of this requirement.

The death of Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis is deeply disturbing and contrary to the standards of professionalism expected and practiced by the Federal Way Police Department. The subsequent violence transpired in Minneapolis and throughout our country in recent days is concerning to all of us.

The Federal Way Police Department’s dedication to protecting our community includes the commitment to holding ourselves accountable to the highest professional standards and continually working to improve our department.

Our national accreditation is an important, visible element of that commitment. Accreditation status represents a significant professional achievement — as an organization, we are all very proud of this accomplishment. This achievement shows the department is “among the leaders in policing in the region” and demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

That does not mean we are perfect, not as individuals and not as an organization.

We want to assure all of our residents that we will continue our efforts to facilitate a positive and active relationship with you, the member of our community, who are our most important resource in keeping Federal Way safe and secure.

I speak for all of the men and women of the Federal Way Police Department when I say that we are proud to be part of this community.

Our commitment is to continue to work hard to provide our citizens with the highest level of service possible and work towards strengthening our relationships with all people and stakeholders in our community.

It is an honor for us to serve you!