Dear Democrats: November is coming | Angie Vogt

As I write this, President Obama is signing into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, touted as the most historic piece of legislative reform since Medicare and Social Security. Let the Democrats do their victory dance for now. They know not the wall of rage they’ve created from Americans who are not fooled by their power grab. This legislation continues to be disapproved by nearly 60 percent of the American people, and yet it will reform and confiscate a full 20 percent of the American economy. For the record, Medicare and Social Security enjoyed nearly 70 percent approval by the public when they were passed.

The minority of citizens eager to hand over control of their health care to the government in exchange for magic beans are woefully ignorant of history and seem blind to the calamity this Trojan horse has brought to western Europe and a handful of states who have tried using this same model. Massachusetts, Tennessee and California are just three of those states. All three of those state programs are insolvent. They have led to rationing of care and an exodus of doctors who have moved to other states to practice medicine.

Our state Democrats have played a major role in helping this legislation pass. Gov. Christine Gregoire just gave a biting criticism of our state Attorney General Rob McKenna, who has joined several other state attorneys general in filing a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming that the health care reform bill violates the constitutionally protected civil rights of Washington state residents. No doubt a surprise to Gov. Gregoire, but the attorney general is not her lawyer, but the watchdog for the citizens of the state. Her statement reacting to the news is telling:

“I don’t know who he represents. He doesn’t represent me,” Gregoire said. “I don’t think he represents a million and a half Washingtonians that will be helped by this. I don’t think he represents small businesses that will be helped by this. I don’t think he represents Medicare people who will be helped by this.”

It appears that the restraints of our constitution are terribly inconvenient for her. Noticing one or two good aspects of this legislation does not justify the massive spending, bureaucracy and mandates that this legislation creates. Of course, the matter of violating our civil rights is of little concern to her. She likes playing the compassion card, and unfortunately, too many people buy into it, no doubt sincerely believing her. Now she is leading a legislative effort to defund the attorney general. Nice to know our special legislative session is being used against us again.

Also interesting is that Gregoire and our state’s majority leader, Sen. Lisa Brown, have led their own battles against legislation that they deemed unconstitutional. The difference is that they fought legislation passed by the people (I-960) that limited the government’s power. Attorney General Rob McKenna is fighting the government’s power grab for the protection of citizen rights. Who do I trust more, a politician who fights to impose the will of the government, or the politician who fights for the will of the people?

The discouraging part of this health care fight was the display of game playing. Rep. Bart Stupak indicated at a local town hall back in October that he would support the legislation, even without his preferred pro-life language. Still, he did the dance of playing hard to get, exposing the myth of the pro-life Democrat. When you dance with the party of death, you have no power. Sorry, it’s the reality.

Our own U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (D-District 9) played the game as well, toying with our passions. Last summer he “courageously” took President Obama to task for his role (or lack thereof) of writing the legislation. His supposed reluctance to support it was due to the fact that it did not accomplish what it claimed to accomplish, namely reducing costs and increasing access. The final bill he voted on was just as bad. It claims to cover 30 million more Americans (with the same number of doctors and resources) while supposedly not increasing costs nor rationing care. This is just not feasible. I wrote Rep. Smith a letter (you can find it on and he graciously responded with the ever popular “I voted for it because it’s better than nothing.” America disagrees.

Now that America has not surrendered to their tactics and the polls are still showing wild disapproval, their next move, with a complicit media machine, is to manufacture the protesters as out of control and violent mobs. The acts of vandalism and violence will be attributed to Sarah Palin followers and Tea Party activists, rather than to the one-in-a-million out of control miscreants. They will start focusing on one negative image in a sea of peaceful and righteously indignant protesters. They will continue to keep the camera close on their parade of sob stories, children who are “saved” by the legislation while associating every negative image to the “party of no.”

Many readers are asking, “what can we do?” Here’s a short list: Write Rob McKenna an e-mail of support or write or call the governor’s office with a note of disapproval for her tactics against the attorney general. Sign up to volunteer, donate or organize support for Dick Muri (, a friend of mine and a good citizen who is running against Adam Smith. For local candidates, sign up and help get Federal Way School Board member Tony Moore to the state Senate, against incumbent State Sen. Tracey Eide.

Feel free to contact me and I’ll give you more ideas. The Democrats continue to show on a state and national level their contempt for the will of the people. Let them have their cake. The truth will prevail as long as we don’t lose heart and succumb to a spirit of discouragement.

November is coming.