Christian flag at City Hall? | Letters to the editor

Christian flag at City Hall?

It looks like maybe a new tradition is being established at City Hall to represent special interest groups in the community, and I think this idea has merit.

My own special interest group would be Christ followers in our city and my question would be if it would be acceptable to display a Christian flag at City Hall during Easter month.

Rich Gerlt, Federal Way

Pride flag story is insensitive

I feel that posting an article celebrating the Pride flag at City Hall is insensitive to religious members of this community. Literally waving something we do not believe in, in our faces.

We believe God is love and aim to serve all of our neighbors out of Jesus’ kind spirit, regardless of their beliefs. We know the Holy Spirit works in our lives to show unbelieving hearts the joy of serving the one true God.

With that said, an inclusive community should be sensitive to all cultures and religions. Why should City Hall alienate its religious members in favor of one group? Doesn’t sound inclusive to me…

I am disappointed that this publication is biased and offending people of faith. I hope you will adopt a more inclusive objective perspective to maintain subscribers.

Diana Pilat, Federal Way

Stand up for our city’s needs

Open letter to the Federal Way mayor and city council:

If you want to hear the truth, here it is.

Your citizens, out here in the real world, are sick and tired of Gov. Jay Inslee slow walking the opening of small businesses in our city.

We are fed up with his picking business winners and losers, and who is “essential,” while his government workers continue to be paid.

We are tired of hearing his data, and his science, and his “holistic reviews.” We are worn out while he dithers over “We may…” and “We may not…”

Federal Way is suffering. Our business are hanging by a thread. All were closed by the legal 30-day emergency “proclamation,” but we are now months past the peak of that threat.

I am asking you, Mayor Jim Ferrell, and our elected Federal Way City Council, to stand up to Gov. Inslee. Stand up for our city’s needs!

If a teenager in a McDonald’s drive-thru can be trusted with the public’s safety, aren’t you confident that the shops in Federal Way can do the same?

Small business owners have the most at stake. Wouldn’t they be the most careful of all in following strict health regulations and distancing?

Our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness include earning a living and being responsible for our families. Our rights do not end where your fear begins.

Without question, we must protect vulnerable people and those with immune disorders.

Our community will come out to support our struggling business and we will get through this. Federal Way people are smart, capable and can be trusted.

Sound policy making requires a recognition of reality.

And right now, Federal Way’s stark reality is that business are devastated, life savings are dwindling, families are being destroyed.

Know this: We expect you to fight for us.

Maureen Bernardy,

Federal Way