2015 political award winners in Federal Way | Inside Politics

There weren’t many contenders for this award, but the award for “Most Candid Comment” by a candidate for president goes to United States Sen. Lindsey Graham, from South Carolina.

There weren’t many contenders for this award, but the award for “Most Candid Comment” by a candidate for president goes to United States Sen. Lindsey Graham, from South Carolina.

After watching the November Republican candidates debate, Graham commented on trailing Donald Trump and Ben Carson in the polls, “How am I losing to those guys?” Graham wasn’t alone in his wonderment. Running a close second for this award was this gem from Jeb Bush, “Donald Trump is a jerk!”

The award for “Least Accurate Title for a Public Building” goes to the Federal Way Community Center for their self identification as a “cooling center” location for seniors. They forgot about the 250 people who attended the Multi-Service Center fundraiser in the non-air-conditioned gymnasium. The overheated attendees had other names for the building, none of which are printable in a community newspaper.

The “It Depends Who Gets Credit For the Credit Card” award goes to Mayor Jim Ferrell, who, as a council member, said using community development block grant money to help finance the Performing Arts and Event Center was like using a credit card and he was opposed to that idea. But as mayor, Ferrell adopted the exact same strategy.

The “Look in the Mirror” award took on a whole new meaning, and goes to certain event center supporters who called the Mirror’s Mr. Federal Way a bully.

Councilwoman Kelly Maloney has been outspoken about her concerns regarding the financial plan for the new event center. On the night the council voted to award the construction contract to Garco Construction, Maloney was unable to attend the meeting as she was in Spokane on business. But she gets the “Irony of Ironies” award as she was staying in a hotel built by Garco. She could have doubled the award if she had used a hotel phone to call in and vote no.

Brigadoon was the magical fantasy city that would only appear for one day once every 100 years, then disappear again. The “Brigadoon” award goes to the downtown city park. It wasn’t there for 100 years and then it mysteriously appeared in 2014 only to disappear again. Will it return?

As the old saying goes “politics make strange bed fellows.” The award for the “Strangest Bed Fellows” goes to Ferrell, who was pictured in brochures from competing partisan candidates. Republican Teri Hickel featured him giving her the Key to the City while Democrat Carol Gregory also featured him prominently. I got really confused in that election. Which one did he endorse again?

“Best Political Picture” of the recent campaigns? That goes to Federal Way Councilwoman Lydia Assefa-Dawson, whose smiling, laughing picture presented her as warm, approachable and sincere. The picture achieved its goal. When you saw it, you really wanted to like that person. She won, now can she live up to her potential and be a real advocate for those in need?

The “Most Humorous Political Mailer” as mentioned by both Republicans and Democrats was from supporters of Carol Gregory. On the outside the mailer said, “Teri Hickel education plan”; the inside was empty.

The “Dumbest Comment by a Presidential Contender” goes to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush who shrugged off any need for government action after the massacre of nine people at an Oregon Community College with the comment “stuff happens.” Runner-up was one of many by Donald Trump who after the San Bernardino shootings called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Thanks for handing extremists such a great recruiting tool Donald.

And the winner of our contest to lead the tourist attraction board as our “Spend at Home” champion goes to Lydia Assefa-Dawson who said she “takes visitors to places outside of Federal Way for entertainment because there is nothing to do here.” Well, that ought to help our business community.

The “It’s My Gavel, Not Yours” award goes to moderator T.M. Sell who ruled Ferrell out of order after his intemperate interruption of the council candidate debate. Great theater, bad behavior.

Although, Ferrell also gets the “It’s my Gavel, Not Yours” runner-up award after he ruled Maloney out of order in another Ferrell temper tantrum. It woke up the crowd at a boring council meeting.

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading.

Federal Way resident Bob Roegner is a former mayor of Auburn: bjroegner@comcast.net