Woman robbed, assaulted after confronting carjackers | Federal Way Police Blotter

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log Jan. 25-31.

Jan. 25

Son kills father: At about 7:15 a.m. near SW 305th Street, a son shot his father in a domestic dispute when the father was breaking into the back door of a home with an ax. The son claimed self-defense. The father died at the scene.

Teacher assaulted: At about 1 p.m. near the 300 block of SW 308th Street, a 10-year-old elementary school student was involved in a fight with another student. A teacher attempted to break up the fight and was then assaulted by a student, who punched the teacher in the back numerous times. The teacher went to the emergency room for treatment. School administration is aware of the assault.

Home burglary: At about 8 p.m. near the 27600 block of Pacific Highway South, unknown suspects gained entry to a home by prying open the back sliding door. The suspects stole an unspecified amount of clothing and shoes.

On Jan. 25, there were at least 10 reports of vehicle theft or attempted vehicle theft.

Jan. 26

Doggonit: Around noon near the 31200 block of 8th Avenue SW, a person used an online service to purchase a dog. The person sent $700 via the Zelle app but never received confirmation of the purchase.

Woman robbed confronting carjackers: At about 3:23 p.m. near the 33600 block of 25th Place SW, a person was assaulted and robbed of her purse, cash and phone when she exited her apartment and saw a group of teens attempting to steal a vehicle.

On Jan. 26, there were at least 7 reports of vehicle theft or attempted vehicle theft.

Jan. 27

Man confronts vehicle thief: At about 1:40 p.m. near the 35400 block of Enchanted Parkway South, police responded to the Lowe’s store after an auto salesman found his stolen truck and confronted the suspect. A struggle ensued and the salesman was able to hold the suspect on the ground until the police arrived. The suspect was identified and released after investigation.

Woman robbed of purse: At about 8:27 p.m. near the 1700 block of South 333rd Street, a woman was robbed by a suspect who ripped the woman’s purse away from her shoulder, causing serious injury. The suspect was gone upon police arrival.

On Jan. 27, there were at least 2 reports of vehicle theft or attempted vehicle theft.

Jan. 28

On Jan. 28, there were at least 4 reports of vehicle theft or attempted vehicle theft.

Jan. 29

Shooting at sports bar: At about 12:05 a.m. near the 35500 block of 21st Avenue SW, officers responded to reports of shots fired inside Jersey’s Sports Bar. There were no injuries. The bar owner provided surveillance footage.

On Jan. 29, there were at least 5 reports of vehicle theft or attempted vehicle theft.

Jan. 30

Man hunts birds on church property: At about 1:17 p.m. near the 5000 block of SW Dash Point Road, a church employee reported to police that they saw a man with a bow and arrow walking around the church property. Surveillance footage showed the man returned a few hours later and was shooting the bow and arrow at birds or geese. The man left eh scene in a silver or white pickup truck.

On Jan. 30, there were at least 8 reports of vehicle theft or attempted vehicle theft.

Jan. 31

Smoke shop robbery: At about 4:27 p.m. near the 28800 block of Military Road South, police responded to an armed robbery at a smoke shop. Surveillance footage showed two men with handguns entering the store and stealing approximately $2,000 from a cash register before fleeing in a stolen vehicle.

Argument ends in shot fired: At about 6:03 p.m. near the 1600 block of SW 312th Street, two men got into an argument outside of a gas station. The suspect male threatened the victim with a handgun and fired a round into the ground near the victim. The suspect vehicle was later located in an apartment complex.

On Jan. 31, there were at least 9 reports of vehicle theft or attempted vehicle theft.

The Federal Way Mirror police blotter is a sample of entries compiled from the Federal Way Police Department’s Public Information Officer log. For more information on our processes at the Mirror, email your questions to editor@fedwaymirror.com