Unconscious woman in car arrested on felony warrant

The following is a sample of the Federal Way Police Blotter.

May 1

Early morning break-in: At approximately 7:49 a.m. near the 120 block of Campus Drive, a male victim reported someone had broken into his apartment and stolen clothes and court documents from him. He told officers he suspects it was his ex-girlfriend but does not have any proof. There is no evidence or video at this time, making this case legally insufficient and inactive.

Student assault: At approximately 12:14 p.m. near the 30600 block of 16th Ave S., several female students were observed assaulting another female student in the school bathroom at the listed location before fleeing the campus.

Narcotics: At approximately 11:53 a.m. near the 34500 block of 9th Ave. S., a man tried to use several different names to obtain pain medication. As he was leaving the listed location, he threatened to shoot a security officer. The security officer told police he feared for his life. The suspect was arrested by police, and after being fingerprinted, photographed and interviewed he was released.

Fight over dog: At approximately 9:28 a.m. near the 30800 block of 20th Ave. S., officers responded to a call of an assault. Apparently, two brothers live at the listed location and one had punched the other because he thought his brother had hurt his dog. The brother who was struck refused to cooperate with police and said he didn’t want his brother arrested. Police warned the brother that after he turned 18 they would arrest him if this happened again.

May 2

Unconscious female in car: At approximately 9:16 a.m. near the 2000 block of S. 308th St., officers responded to a call about a woman unconscious in a red Lincoln SUV partially blocking the roadway. Officers made contact with the female, who said she was unable to drive and had thought she was off the roadway. After a routine check, it was found Olympia had issued a felony warrant on the female. The warrant was confirmed and the female was transported and booked into SCORE jail. A friend of the female took custody of the car and legally parked it.

Middle school assault: At approximately 10:47 a.m. near the 1400 block of SW 314th St., officers responded to a call about an assault on a student at the listed location. According to the parent caller, the assault had taken place in November 2018 where he 12-year-old son was choked and assaulted by another student. The parent said she saw video footage of the assault and said her son had to be seen for medical attention for a concussion. The parent said she was upset because school officials declined to investigate. Police attempted to call the parent twice but were unsuccessful in reaching her.

May 3

Public nuisance: At approximately 3:56 a.m. near the 400 block of S. 325th Place, two callers said there was an intoxicated male yelling obscenities in the parking lot at the listed location. A female allegedly exited her apartment to tell the male to be quiet because she was sleeping. The male then became agitated, hitting the female’s car with an unknown object causing damage. The male then entered the passenger side of a car in the parking lot and left the scene. The suspect is described as a white male in his 20s, about 5 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 11, medium build, possibly wearing a red sweater. The suspect is possibly connected to a unit in the apartment. Contact at the unit was attempted but unsuccessful. The suspect is unknown to the victim.

Drug use on campus: At approximately 8:46 a.m. at Thomas Jefferson High School, officers responded for a drug paraphernalia call. An administrator had allegedly recovered burned foil and a rolled up bill traditionally used for snorting drugs from a 17 year-old male. The administrator was also alerted to a video of the student snorting an unknown type of drug. The student was warned, his parent was contacted and school discipline was issued. The paraphernalia was destroyed by the administrator.

May 4

Threat with knife: At approximately 6:27 a.m. near the 29900 block of 18th Ave. S., a taxi cab driver was allegedly threatened with a knife. A female customer entered the driver’s taxi and then proceeded to threaten him with a knife. The suspect was taken into custody and while she was being searched, she spit on an officer’s face.

Throwing orange juice: At approximately 7:43 a.m. near the 490 block of S. 338th St., officers responded to a call about a resident at the facility who was experiencing delusions. The resident allegedly threw planters in the cafeteria and was swinging pitchers of orange juice at other residents. The resident also threw weights down the stairs almost hitting other residents. The resident believes he is at him home in Auburn and said the other residents are trying to take it away from him.

May 5

Tanning bed hide-out: At approximately 11:24 a.m. near the 31400 block of Pacific Highway S., officers responded to a welfare check on a man at the business at the listed location. The man had apparently seemed to have been in a tanning bed for an unusual length of time. The employee provided a name for the male who returned with a DOC warrant. Officers contacted and arrested the male who was booked into SCORE without incident.

Selling stolen goods: At approximately 2:51 p.m. near the 33000 block of Pacific Highway S., officers contacted a listed female allegedly trying to sell merchandise with Ross tags and security sensors still attached. The female stated she was shopping at Ross earlier but didn’t steal anything. She said she purchased the clothing at a yard sale in Puyallup. She was told to obtain proof of her purchases. Officers contacted Ross management who said they saw the female leaving the store with unpaid merchandise, but was allegedly uncooperative from there. The merchandise was taken as suspected stolen and marked with an unknown owner.

May 6

Machete: At approximately 2:55 p.m. near the 29100 block of Pacific Highway S., officers responded to a call about a suspicious person in the area wielding a machete. The suspect was involuntarily committed.

Gunpoint robbery: At approximately 10:26 a.m. near the 1200 block of S. 336th St., a school resource officers reported a victim approached him and said he had been robbed at gunpoint by a known suspect. The suspect stole $100 in cash and did not harm the victim. The victim does not want to press charges at this time and their parent was notified. Case closed.