Pumpkin explodes on Federal Way porch; no injuries

Sample of the Federal Way Police crime blotter.

The following is a sample of the Federal Way Police crime blotter:

Armed robbery: At 2:11 p.m. Sept. 19, 7-11 store on Southwest 320th Street, two unknown male suspects robbed the store at gunpoint taking cash and swisher cigars.

Repeat performance by same guys?: At 4:13 p.m. Sept. 19 at the Chevron Station on Southwest Dash Point Road, two unknown male suspects robbed the station and put guns to the clerk’s head. The suspects stole cash and swisher cigars.

He’s my brother: On Sept. 19 in the 1600th block of S. 328th St., while on patrol in a marked police vehicle an officer observed a male who appeared to have poor balance and was not in any hurry to move out of the traffic. The officer stopped the man who identified himself. A check through electronic databases that provided a photo determined that the man was lying about his identity. After taking fingerprints, it was determined that the man was really an older brother of who he claimed to be. A check on him revealed that he had an active, no bail felony warrant out of Olympia. The warrant also had a caution attached due to his assaultive behavior. He was booked into jail.

Left wallet on car: On Sept. 19 at the 76 gas station on South 320th Street, the victim remembers having her wallet while refueling. She believed she left the wallet on top of her vehicle and drove away. The victim later found out that her Bank of America debit card was fraudulently used for a total of $ 175.92 in Tacoma. She was advised to initiate a fraud case with Tacoma PD. This case is closed.

Wallet stolen at gym: On Sept. 19 at L.A. Fitness on Enchanted Parkway South, an unknown suspect stole the victim’s wallet from his pants pocket placed in a locked closet. The wallet contained several debit/credit cards. The suspect then fraudulently used the victim’s credit card. The victim will contact police with locations and amount of fraudulent transactions. Police spoke with L.A. Fitness manager by phone who related that no CCTV footage is available for this case. This case is inactive pending further developments.

Golf cart stolen: On Sept. 19 in the 1900th block of SW Campus Drive, Pavillion Apartments management reported the theft of a Yamaha golf card from their property. They stated that they were informed by a passerby that some children got off the school bus and drove away in the cart. They were unable to locate the cart on their property or the neighboring property, Arcadia. There are no leads, and this case is inactive.

Guy just wanted to get away: On Sept. 19 in the 2900th block of S. 284th St., officers responded to a missing person report. An elderly man with dementia reportedly escaped from the assisted living facility. Officers conducted an area check and the male was located at a pub drinking a rum and coke. A facility employee was contacted and informed that his patient had been found. The employee decided not to force the male to come home and advised that facility staff would handle the situation from that point on. The escaped elderly male was uninjured, aware of his surroundings as well as his address, and did not meet involuntary committal criteria. He stated he just wanted to get away from the facility for a little while.

Assault on a bus: On Sept. 17 on a Pierce Transit bus, the victim called to report that her boyfriend was assaulted on a Pierce Transit bus. Six juveniles were involved in the assault. The victim sustained no injuries. Pierce Transit is preparing a video from the bus’ surveillance cameras.

Stolen dog: On Sept. 20 in the 33000th block of 13th Place S., the victim came to the police station to report that in the last week her friend who had been pet sitting had moved from where she had been living and took the dog. The victim has no number and can only locate the pet sitter on Facebook. The victim believes the pet sitter is trying to breed her dog and that her ex is involved.

Stolen dog: On Sept. 22 in the 1600th block of SW Campus Drive, the victim parked his car in the Winco parking log and entered the store for approximately 30 minutes, leaving his dog (1 year old, fawn color, named “Cuddie”) inside. Upon returning, he noticed his dog missing and realized he had left the car unlocked. An employee reported seeing a dark SUV parked near the victim’s vehicle during the theft. No witness, suspect or CCTV was available.

Assaulted in business area: On Sept. 20 in the 1400th block of S. 324th St., between 10-10:30 p.m. the victim was jumped by five to seven unidentified males. The victim stated he knew the males, but refused to provide their names. A set of keys, wallet, and phone was taken during the assault.

Profanity scraped on car: On Sept. 21 in the 300th block of 16th Ave. S., the reporting party reported that the suspect used a rock to scratch profanity on his car. The suspect admitted to doing it because he was being bullied by the victim. The case will be referred to the King County juvenile prosecutor.

Knife involved in juvenile fight: On Sept. 21 in the 35000th block of Enchanted Parkway, after school at the bus stop, several juveniles started fighting with a report of a knife involved. None of the juveniles involved would say what happened. Medical aid was provided. A knife had been thrown onto the Jack in the Box property next door. It was recovered by a citizen and handed to the police. Citizens reported gang signs and red colored bandannas being displayed at the fight.

Knife at FWHS football game: On Sept. 21, the suspect was walking out of a football game and a knife fell to the ground. The suspect picked up the knife and was contact by school administration and police.

Rigged pumpkin: On Sept. 21 in the 3500th block of SW 325th St., police were called regarding a pumpkin that was found on the victim’s doorstep by an unknown person. The pumpkin contained a firework-type explosive. The pumpkin was detonated on the porch. The suspect is unknown at this time. There was no damage done and no injuries reported.

No car – then no food at drive-up window: On Sept. 21 in the 31000th block of Pacific Highway S., a fast food restaurant reported that at 10:30 p.m. a juvenile got upset that he was unable to order food from the drive thru while on foot. The male then grabbed a rock and threw it at the drive thru window, which caused it to shatter. The male fled on foot in an unknown direction. Surveillance footage is pending.

Possible drug deal: On Sept. 21 at Winco, 160 SW Campus Drive, a police officer observed a possible drug deal occurring in the parking lot. As he went to investigate, both vehicles started to leave the area. One took off at a high rate of speed with provocation through the lot. The officer attempted to stop the car, which eventually crashed. A foot pursuit was initiated. The suspect escaped but his identity is known to officers.

Self disruptive while in custody: On Sept. 22 at 31855 Pacific Highway S., officers were called to the convenience store regarding an unwanted subject who was acting strange and arguing with employees. The manager requested the subject leave the property. When the police arrived on scene, the male verbally identified himself. A records check revealed a felony arrest warrant, and the male was detained without incident. The male became agitated once in custody and secured in the back seat of the patrol unit. The male kicked the rear passenger door and the interior partition. The male banged his head three times on the plastic partition. Once he arrived at SCORE, the South King Fire and Rescue provided aid to the male’s cut forehead.

Didn’t secure pistol in car: On Sept. 24 in the 34000th block of 16th Ave. S., the victim returned to his vehicle after work to find his pistol had been stolen. He may face charges for failing to secure pistol within vehicle.

A lot of wasted ice cream: On Sept. 23 at Baskin Robbins at The Commons mall, an employee found an unknown male standing behind the register. As the male and two friends left, the male stated he was “trying to go viral.” One of the friends had been recording the incident. The business did not sustain any damage or loss, and the employee left for the evening. When she returned the following morning to open for business, she found the store’s freezer damaged and approximately $800 in ice cream cakes thawed. At this time the suspects remain outstanding.

Theft of merchandise: On Sept. 23 at Victoria Secret, The Commons mall, mid-day two females in their late teens to early twenties concealed a total of $659.35 worth of merchandise. Once concealed, both females exited the store without any offer of payment for the concealed merchandise. Both suspects remain unidentified.