Mirror Citizen of the Month: Goose protector Roderick Yee

Roderick Yee and his flock of geese have become a familiar sight near the Cove Apartments on First Avenue South in Federal Way.

The Federal Way resident started caring for the geese in 2015, and had previously watched over baby ducks in the area in 2003 by chasing away crows and raccoons.

To prevent the birds from getting hit while crossing the street, Yee sits in a folding chair near the road and herds the geese and ducks down the street where there is no divider between the lanes. He cares for the birds from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily between April and August.

In recognition of his ongoing efforts, Yee has been chosen as the Mirror’s Citizen of the Month for August.

The Mirror reported on Yee’s good deeds back in July and received positive feedback from multiple readers on social media. A few of the comments:

“It’s great to finally know his name and story,” wrote Johanna Mathis.

“This guy is great. I worked across the street in 2009 and saw him every single day in the parking lot looking over them,” wrote Tyler Sadler.

“He keeps the geese moving. Sometimes when they are crossing roads they stop and stand in the road. Mr. Lee keeps them moving. People waiting in cars are very appreciative,” wrote Susan Honda, deputy mayor of Federal Way.

“Aww, I love it! He even chased the crows and raccoons when he could, so sweet!” wrote Emma Cammer.

“We need more people like this in the world,” wrote Christie Fredrickson.

Yee told the Mirror that some motorists have thanked him for helping the ducks and geese cross the road.

“One man gave me a Subway gift card with $100 on it,” he said in July. “It makes me feel great that people really appreciate what I’m doing.”