Man mistakes dog walker for vehicle prowler | Federal Way Police Blotter

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log Dec. 14-20.

Dec. 14

Firework explodes: At about 5:36 p.m. near the 3000 block of Military Road South, a large firework exploded on the ground level next to an officer while they were inside their patrol vehicle. There were no subjects found in the immediate vicinity. There was no damage to the vehicle and no injuries.

Suspect fires gun: At about 6:11 p.m. near the 30100 block of 21st Avenue SW, an unidentified suspect discharged a firearm after fleeing from a traffic collision. The suspect was driving a stolen vehicle.

Robbery at restaurant: At about 11:51 p.m. near the 31800 block of Pacific Highway South, officers responded to reports of a robbery at a restaurant. A man in a mask with his hand in his jacket confronted an employee at the cash register. The employee believed the man had a gun. The suspect demanded money and once the employee handed over the money, the suspect walked out of the restaurant.

Dec. 15

Vehicle prowler assault: At about 12:50 a.m. near the 2100 block of South Star Lake Road, officers responded to reports of an assault with a firearm. Officers spoke with a man who said he saw someone in his girlfriend’s vehicle, so he went outside to investigate. The suspects drew their pistols on him then hit him in the back of the head with a gun.

Broken glass over bathrooms: At about 12:16 a.m. near the 32000 block of Military Road South, a man became angry after he was told he could not use the restroom at the gas station unless he purchased something. The man later broke the glass front doors and fled the scene.

Stolen money: At about 2:37 p.m. near the 2300 block of SW 336th Street, as a person returned from the bank, a suspect pointed a gun at him and stole the cash he had just withdrawn. The suspect got into a waiting vehicle and fled.

Dec. 16

Suspects fire inside store: At about 1:14 a.m. near the 35600 block of Pacific Highway South, officers responded to a hold-up alarm. The suspect entered the store and pointed a firearm at the employees. The suspect then fired two or three times not in the direction of employees and demanded money. The suspect was gone upon police arrival.

Attempted catalytic converter theft: At about 3:15 a.m. near the 4900 block of SW 324th Place, a man caught three people attempting to steal the catalytic converter from underneath his car.

Hammer time: At about 2:20 pm. Near the 28700 block of Military Road South, officers responded to reports of a malicious mischief. A person reported that an unknown suspect damaged his front passenger side window with a hammer after a short argument.

Stolen purse retrieved: At about 8:10 p.m.near the 1700 block of South 320tth Street, a woman had a bag stolen from her while inside a store. The woman followed the suspect to the getaway car that was waiting in the parking lot and attempted to take her bag back. While doing so, the woman was dragged across the parking lot until she and her bag fell from the vehicle.

Dec. 17

Fight over tips: At about 6:45 p.m. near the 35000 block of Pacific Highway South, officers responded to a sushi restaurant for reports of an assault. Two employees got into a short physical fight over tips. Both involved people agreed to shake hands and agreed the fight was unnecessary.

Man followed: At about 8:30 p.m.near the 33200 block of 26th Place SW, an unknown suspect followed a man to his residence and threatened him with a firearm. The suspect was not located.

Dec. 18

Broken glass: At about 1:40 a.m. near the 1800 block of South Commons, a security guard saw a man get out of a truck and break the front window of the AT&T store. The suspect honked his horn and the suspect fled the scene.

Dec. 19

Man pushes woman walking dog: At about 11:31 p.m. near the 34200 block of 23rd Avenue SW, a woman was walking her dog when she was pushed by a man she did not know. The man had mistaken the woman for a vehicle prowler.

Dec. 20

Robbery in parking lot: At about 3:58 p.m. near the 2000 block of SW Campus Drive, officers responded to reports of a strong-arm robbery in a restaurant parking lot. The victim said three or four people got out of a vehicle and attempted to take the victim’s purse. The victim was able to get into their vehicles and the subjects kicked the car, damaging it.

Several people assaulted, robbed: At about 4:26 p.m. near the 100 block of SW Campus Drive, several male suspects, one armed with a firearm, were in a stolen vehicle and assaulted and robbed multiple victims. While fleeing, one of the suspects fired the gun. The suspects were not located.

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