Burien man charged with murder in stabbing at Federal Way motel

Nicky Juneau, 31, was released from jail the day before the murder.

The suspect who allegedly stabbed a man at a Federal Way motel earlier this month was charged with second-degree murder on Jan. 23 in King County Superior Court.

Nicky Juneau, 31, who allegedly stabbed 30-year-old Sean McMullin in the chest repeatedly on Jan. 9, is being held on $2 million bail at the King County Correctional Facility in Seattle. His arraignment is set for Feb. 6 at King County Superior Court.

Juneau was tracked through his cell phone to the Golden Kent Motel a week after the murder where he was arrested.

According to charging documents, at the time of the murder, Juneau had only been out of jail for one day. Juneau had been released from jail after spending 30 days at SCORE for violating his community supervision conditions.

According to a witness, Juneau started the altercation as he believed McMullin had stolen money from his girlfriend a week earlier, court documents continue. Juneau’s girlfriend and two other men were also involved in the altercation.

During the assault at the Days Inn Motel in Federal Way, Juneau allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed McMullin twice in the chest and then fled the scene with his girlfriend and the two other men in a silver BMW.

After detectives received search warrants for the motel rooms checked out to Juneau, his girlfriend and one of the men, they found several items of evidence including bloody footwear and clothing, as well as blood on the inside and outside of the door to room 315.

After the murder, the witness did not realize what had happened until he asked Juneau and he responded, “Go see.”

Detectives later spoke with one of the men involved in the altercation, who denied witnessing the event despite video proof otherwise.

Another witness, a minor related to Juneau’s girlfriend, also told detectives he did not see Juneau holding a knife during the argument, but has seen him carrying a pocket knife before.

The girlfriend told detectives that the reason Juneau allegedly stabbed McMullin was because he believed McMullin had a gun, though she does not believe this claim.

She said she did not witness the stabbing.

Juneau told detectives he had seen a handgun sitting on McMullin’s lap and asked him to “follow him” so he could confront him about his girlfriend’s stolen property.

Juneau confirmed the altercation occurred, but said he could not recall details from the fight because he “blacked out.”

He also told detectives the knife is gone and he doesn’t know where it is.

Juneau has the following felony convictions in Washington: Unlawful firearm possession in the second degree, two no contact order violations, and third-degree assault, according to the documents. Juneau is also on active supervision with the Washington Department of Corrections.

Prosecutors, who said the defendant’s prior convictions are “alarming,” requested the high bail amount due to his prior criminal history, his unwillingness to follow court orders and his alleged violence in this case.