King County judge orders Federal Way Discount Guns to stop high-capacity magazine sales

Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against the store in December 2022, accusing the store of selling illegal high-capacity magazines and throwing away the receipts on several occasions.

A King County judge has ordered Federal Way Discount Guns to stop selling illegal high-capacity magazines, according to the Washington State Attorney General’s Office on Jan. 6.

In July 2022, the Legislature adopted a ban on the sale of high-capacity magazines, which is any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds.

“The overwhelming majority of gun retailers in Washington are doing the right thing and complying with the law,” Ferguson said. “Federal Way Discount Guns is choosing to violate the law and fight our case. Today’s court order makes it clear that following the law is not optional.”

King County Superior Court Judge Michael Scott granted Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s motion for preliminary injunction against Federal Way Discount Guns and its owner, Mohammed Reza Baghai. The preliminary injunction means the court found Ferguson is likely to prevail in his case against the store.

The Mirror has reached out to Federal Way Discount Guns for comment. On the store’s website, a fundraiser asks customers to “Support FWDG’s Fight For Our 2A Rights.” The fundraiser has a goal of $50,000 and has so far received $7,454 in donations.

“We’re asking for donations will help us continue to stand up against Bob Ferg and his team as they relentlessly go after our 2A rights,” the fundraiser page reads.

In December, Ferguson filed a lawsuit against Federal Way Discount Guns, located at 1404 South 324th Street, and store owner Baghai. The AG’s office alleges the owner and a sales clerk threw away receipts after selling illegal high-capacity magazines to investigators between August to November in 2022.

The investigators reportedly found dozens of high-capacity magazines openly displayed inside the store for sale. During each sale of the illegal products, the sales clerk allegedly destroyed the record of the sale or made comments to the investigator indicating they knew the sale of the magazines was unlawful.

The attorney general’s office claims a sales clerk that they couldn’t provide a receipt because the magazines held “more than 10 rounds.” The sales clerk reportedly then crumpled up the sales receipt and threw it in the garbage.

During another visit, the store’s owner, Baghai, allegedly sold a 30-round magazine for an AR-15 style rifle and a 33-round magazine for a Glock 17 pistol to the investigator and also reportedly threw the store copy of the receipt into the garbage.

Baghai and Federal Way Discount Guns face a maximum penalty of $7,500 every time the store offered a high-capacity magazine for sale and $7,500 every time it illegally sold a high-capacity magazine.

The Federal Way gun store also houses an indoor shooting range, which is used by the Federal Way Police Department for training. Department officials told the Mirror in Dec. 2022 that the department will continue to train at the site.

“The fact that the indoor range is within the city limits enhances our operational readiness by keeping officers in the city and available for calls for service, while greatly reducing the travel expenses incurred for firearms training outside the city,” said Cmdr. Kurt Schwan of Federal Way Police. “We utilize the facilities throughout the year for department-wide training, one on one training with an instructor, and individual firearms practice.”