Jury duty scammer calls Federal Way woman

Fraudulent phone call: On April 27, a resident in the 33000 block of 8th Avenue South contacted police to report suspicious activity via a phone call she had received. The male caller claimed to be with the King County Sheriff’s Office. He proceeded to tell the woman that she had arrest warrants for failure to appear for jury duty. He then texted her saying she needed to turn herself in to FWPD or pay for the warrants to clear her name. He told her to go to QFC in Tacoma and wire money totaling $2,000. The woman reported the incident to police. An attempt to identify the owner of the phone number yielded negative results. The woman was visibly upset, but did not send any money. She said that she had received a similar message the previous week regarding unpaid taxes.

Double trouble: On April 27, police were dispatched to the 35000 block of Enchanted Parkway South regarding a vehicle/pedestrian accident. Upon the police officer’s arrival, he notice a young male being bandaged by first responders for an injury on his left wrist and a small abrasion on his left shoulder. The young male told the officer that he had been running across the street to meet up with his friend and then hit a car that was stopped at the red light. The police officer then spoke with fire personnel who advised they found the youth’s minor injuries were consistent with falling down in the street. The police officer then spoke with the driver of the vehicle who explained that she was stopped at a red light facing northbound on Enchanted Parkway. She saw a streak run out in front of her vehicle, then the juvenile hit her car. The police officer then spoke with the youth’s mother, who escorted her son home.

Phone app: On April 26, an employee working at 909 S. 336th St. reported that she left her cell phone in the bathroom. She returned and found the cell phone gone. The phone was equipped with technology that takes a photograph after three unsuccessful attempts to unlock the phone. The employee observed a photograph taken by the phone via a mobile application from another device. She inquired at a different business in the complex and saw the person in the photograph working in an adjacent business. She reported the phone stolen online. An officer arrived and confronted the person suspected to be in possession of the phone. She first said she did not know where the phone was, then said she saw the phone, touched it and put it back down before she finally admitted that the phone was in her car. Phone was recovered and returned to its rightful owner. Case closed.

Stolen phone: A teacher at Todd Beamer High School reported that he accidentally left his cell phone in the classroom at the end of class. When he returned to get it, he realized it was gone. The phone was tracked to The Reserve Apartments, building #15. He could not locate the phone after knocking on several doors.

Lost dog: On April 26, police responded to a report of a stolen dog in the 1900 block of Southwest Campus Drive. The resident said he had been at school all day and the dog had been left with the roommate. The roommate left the apartment around noon and failed to lock the door before rushing out. The roommate returned at 4 p.m. and noticed the dog was missing. No signs of forced entry were discovered and the apartment was intact. The dog’s owner returned home at 11:30 p.m. and realized his dog was missing. He noticed that a laptop and camera were clearly accessible to anyone wanting to commit a theft. The police officer asked if it was possible that the roommate may have left the door open in a rush, allowing the dog to leave on its own. The dog is a pure breed Shiba Inu, red in color, about 23 pounds and valued to $1,500. The dog was not microchipped.

Good citizen: On April 26, a woman approached a police officer while he was in his vehicle and reported that she had found a baggie nearby at Crystal Pointe Apartments containing suspected drugs. The police officer seized the baggie and booked it for destruction.

Love thy neighbor: On April 29, a resident living on the 3000 block of 14th Avenue South reported they are being harassed by their neighbor. The subjects stated that they are considering an anti-harassment order against the neighbor. Attempts to contact the neighbor were unsuccessful. This case was taken for information and to document the neighbor’s behavior.

Active parenting plan: On April 26, police were dispatched to Panther Lake Elementary for a girl who didn’t want to go home with her father. Her mother and the principal were also on the scene. It was found an active parenting plan was in place where the girl goes one week with dad and one week with mom. After interviewing the child, it was found that no abuse or neglect is occurring at the father’s house and she is getting the lawful needs of life. No crime was found nor was there any danger to her safety. A message was left for her CPS case manager, but no return call made. She ultimately left with dad with the blessing of the school.

White lingerie: On April 26, police were dispatched to a business at 1420 SW 348th St. for a report of shoplifting. Upon arrival, a store employee told police a male and female came into the store. The female picked out a $50 piece of white lingerie. Both customers went into the dressing room and then fled with the item under the female’s dress. Video surveillance will be reviewed.

Negotiation: On April 25, police were call to a residence on 1st Way South for erratic behavior toward fire/medical staff during a welfare check. The resident threatened to harm herself using “suicide by cop” statements/tactics. After a nearly three-hour negotiation, the resident was taken into custody for threats of harming herself and was transported to a local hospital for additional medical/mental health services. There were no injuries.

Got away on a bike: On April 25, an unknown suspect entered a business at 1414 S. 324th St. While all the employees were in the back, the subject jumped over the counter and took an employee’s purse. The suspect was seen running from the location and getting on a black mountain bike. The purse was gray with a long strap and contained an Apple iPad mini and a wallet with an ID card and debit cards.

Juvenile takes a walk: On April 25 in the 1100 block of Southwest 333rd Street, police responded to a call from a woman who said a 12-year old female had approached her and asked for a ride home. Officer contacted the juvenile female who stated she left home in the middle of the night to take a walk. The juvenile female provided her home address to the police, and she was transported home. The juvenile’s parents were home and were advised the incident. The juvenile did not appear injured, did not claim injury and did not state any abuse was occurring at home.

Flying wrench: On April 24, a customer who had been displaying suspicious behavior at Harbor Freight Tools was being escorted out of store. During the process, he threw a wrench at another customer, hitting her on the left arm, causing pain and a bruise. Suspect was a white male, 6 feet tall with a medium build and blond hair. Store personnel were told told to call police if the suspect returns.

Counterfeit bill: On April 24, police responded to a business located at 1207 S. 320th St. for a report of a customer attempting to pass a counterfeit $50 bill. The bill was seized by the cashier and turned it over to police. The customer states that she had received the bill at Money Tree and that she was going to go there and dispute the bill.

Shoplifting: On April 24, police were dispatched to Kohl’s department store at the Commons mall for a report of shoplifting. The suspect was escorted to the loss prevention office where she was positively identified. During the course of that investigation, a records check revealed outstanding warrants for the suspect’s arrest out of Federal Way and Kent, as well as a prior notice of trespass from the mall dated August 2017. The suspect was issued a second notice of trespass and booked into jail on her confirmed theft warrants.

Car keys: On April 24, police responded to the theft of a vehicle in the 900 block of SW Campus Drive. The owner stated she parked the car in a parking space in front of her apartment the previous night. She placed the keys in the center console telling herself that she would be right back as she was dealing with getting her three toddlers inside the house. She forgot and never went back outside. The complex has no external cameras.

Theft from front porch: On April 24, a resident on the 500 block of SW 327th Place reported an unknown black male took an Amazon package that had been delivered to his front porch. The package contained a lamp worth $80. The resident stated he captured the theft on security cameras located at the front of his home. The resident emailed the surveillance footage to police for review. The suspect left the area in a silver vehicle with Washington plates.

Soiled carpet: On April 23, police responded to an unauthorized entry and vandalism to a vacant apartment on the 32000 block of 11th Place South. Entry was obtained through an unsecured window that was left open to assist with drying the recently cleaned carpeting. An unknown suspect urinated on the newly cleaned carpet and left trash and debris strewn about apartment. No suspects or witnesses have been identified.

Forged check: On April 20, it was reported that $985.20 had been fraudulently withdrawn from their Bank of America checking account. The victim noticed the above amount withdrawn from her account. The victim contacted Bank of America and canceled her checking account.