Suspect robs, assaults pizza delivery driver

Sample of the Federal Way Police crime blotter.

The following is a sample of the Federal Way Police crime blotter:

Cash and cigars stolen: On Oct. 3 at 329 1st Ave. S., two males robbed the store. They rushed in, stole cash and cigars. The suspects were seen leaving the area on foot.

Bus driver verbally assaulted: On Oct. 3 inside a Dart Bus traveling along Southwest Dash Point Road, the driver called to report one of her riders started yelling and swearing at her and saying that was rude. Two other male riders pushed him off the bus when they got off. She drove away. The driver stated the man previously rode on her bus. She does not engage in conversations outside of pleasantries when riders board and exit her bus. The incident was reported to her supervisor.

Bomb threat is not funny: On Oct. 3 at Todd Beamer High School, a student made a threat to fellow students that he would blow up the school. Students reported the statements to school administration. The student told administrators and police officers that he was just joking. The case will be referred to the King County juvenile prosecutor.

Female in mental distress: On Oct. 4 at 288 Pacific Highway S., a woman was seated in the traveled portion of the roadway. Vehicles were having to drive around her. The officer tried speaking with her, but she wouldn’t say her name or where she lived. The only response she gave was that the officer could understand was “I didn’t do it.” Her speech was very rapid and muffled. She seemed to be having a mental health crisis and was unable to care for herself.

Took the shirt off his back: On Oct. 4 in the 900th block of SW 339th St., a Domino’s pizza deliveryman was assaulted by an unknown male who also stole the driver’s shirt. An investigation continues.

Aggressive female: On Oct. 4 in 31000th block of Pacific Highway S., officers responded to a call of a female lying in the roadway. Upon arrival it was determined the female had gone into the shopping business parking lot. The female climbed into the back an unknown truck and then began jumping on the rooftop of the parked vehicle. The owner responded and the female was taken into custody.

Stabbing incident: On Oct. 5 in the 34000th block of 9th Ave. S., officers responded to St. Francis Hospital for a male subject who had been stabbed in the stomach. Upon arrival, it was determined that the incident occurred near the entrance to The Miro at Dash Point Apartments. The victim did not know the suspect and the stabbing was unprovoked. The victim sustained two, non-life threatening injuries to his right abdomen and was ultimately transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital for further treatment.

Police chase: On Oct. 5 in the 30000th block of 28th Lane S., officers attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving recklessly on city streets. The driver actively attempted to elude officers through residential areas. Vehicle speeds did not exceed 40 mph with the vehicle having two blown tires. The pursuit ended after the vehicle lost front rim and driver fled on foot. A K-9 track was attempted with no subject located.

Gun threat: On Oct. 5 at Gene Juarez Academy, 2222 S. 314th St., police were called to the academy in response of threats with a gun. The reporting person called and reported that five minutes prior, a male only known as “Bob” came to the academy and threatened them with a gun. The male then left the area; officers were unable to locate the vehicle. Both victims refused to cooperate with the case.

Gun stolen from car: On Oct. 3 in the 27000th block of Pacific Highway S., the victim, called to report that his Eagle Industry .380 revolver had been stolen out of his unlocked car in the parking lot of a local bar. At this time there are no suspects or footage of the suspects. The revolver was entered into WACIC as stolen.

Stole two meals in one day: On Oct. 5, the suspect ordered a meal at Red Lobster knowing that he was unable to pay for it. He committed the same offense earlier in the day at Red Robin.

Family referred to shelter for children’s safety: On Oct. 6 at Celebration Park Road, police were dispatched to the park from a report of a transient woman with a baby and a small child in a shopping cart. The transient woman identified herself and stated she had recently been abandoned and was without resources to get shelter for her two children, ages 2 years and two months. The responding officer determined that it was unsafe for the children to remain without shelter and protection and contacted the King County Mobile Crisis Unit. Upon arrival an assessment was done of the woman and her family and the unit arranged for them to receive shelter in Seattle.

Massive property damage by car: On Oct. 7 in the 31000th block of 8th Ave. S., officers were responding to a verbal domestic situation when a vehicles was heard driving by at a high rate of speed. A few seconds later several loud noises were heard, indicative of a vehicle collision. The vehicle had gone through a fence, three back yards, one patio and a deck. The driver was identified by several witness and was seen behind the wheel of the vehicle. The drive stated he was in pain, had blood on his face and transported to Harborview Medical Center.

Age-old scam for entry into house: On Oct. 9 at Belmor Mobile Home park. An unknown female came to the victim’s house inquiring if they were planning on selling anytime soon. The victim let the female in to look around who then asked if she could use the bathroom. Later the victim noticed a ring was missing from a bowl on the bathroom counter. The female was described as white, 30’s, slim who gave the name of Sheral. The victim initially thought the female lived in the mobile park.