Gunpoint robbery at Federal Way Crossings

In broad daylight, a man was robbed at gunpoint, losing his phone and wallet.

A man was robbed at gunpoint in plain daylight in Federal Way.

At abou 11:10 a.m. May 31, a 53-year-old man reported that he was the victim of an armed robbery at the Federal Way Crossings parking lot at 35009 S. 348th St. According to a police report received through a records request, probable cause for a robbery in the first degree was aired. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male with a mustache, goatee and white baseball cap, but was not identified.

The victim said the robbery occurred while he was sitting in his vehicle with the window rolled down. He said his vehicle was parked near Sportsman’s Warehouse.

The victim said that while in his vehicle, a maroon sedan was parked next to him, but he was not payingattention to it. The victim said he exited his vehicle to remove his jacket because he got warm. Then, once he re-entered his vehicle, the suspect who was inside the maroon sedan exited and pointed a silver handgun at the victim’s head. The suspect said the handgun was about a foot away from his head.

The victim said the suspect told him if he did not give up his phone or wallet, he would shoot him in the head. The victim said the man had an accent and was difficult to understand, but he believes he told him to lie in the passenger seat. The victim said he handed over his phone, then the suspect told him, “Don’t follow me.” The suspect then proceeded to drive away in an unknown direction. The victim said he remained calm, but he was still worried the suspect would shoot him if he did not comply.

The report said the victim’s phone was worth about $1,000, and his wallet was worth about $1 and contained some DOL documentation and a debit card. Officers could not locate any CCTV cameras in the area.