Group of girls attack, pepper spray mother and daughter | Police blotter

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log May 11-17.

May 11

Candy bar confrontation: At about 12:30 a.m. near the 31000 block of Pacific Highway South, an unknown man entered a 7-Eleven store and stole a candy bar. When the clerk confronted him in the parking lot, the man grabbed a gun from his vehicle and held it down at his side while confronting the clerk.

Thieves hit AutoZone: At about 11:55 a.m. near the 27300 block of Pacific Highway South, some men shoplifted headlight accessories from the AutoZone store. The suspects fled the scene in a white BMW and were not located.

Gun pointed: At about 5:57 p.m. near South 320th Street and Pacific Highway South, a woman reported that while she was driving home, a green vehicle sped around her and pointed a gun at her and her three children.

May 12

Package thief: At about 12:30 p.m. near the 31400 block of 28th Place SW, a delivery driver dropped a large number of packages at a person’s doorstep. An unidentified thief came up to the front door and stole all the packages. The incident was captured on camera, but the man was not identified.

Restaurant burglarized: At about 12:50 p.m. near the 35100 block of Enchanted Parkway South, sometime overnight an unknown person pried open a door on the Puerto Vallarta restaurant and stole about $3,400 in cash and $3,000 worth of alcohol.

May 13

Power tools stolen: At about 9:56 a.m. near the 31600 block of Pacific Highway South, two unknown suspects broke into a person’s vehicle and stole several power hand tools. The suspects fled, and were not located.

Girl, mom attacked: At about 4 p.m. near the 2100 block of South 314th Street, three girls attacked a girl and her mother. They assaulted the girl and pepper sprayed her and her mother.

May 14

Coffee shop robbed: At about 12:21 near the 2100 block of SW 356th Street, it was reported that an unknown suspect forced entry into the Easy Espresso by kicking open the door about an hour earlier. The suspect was armed with a handgun that was pointed at the ground while he demanded money from the owner. The owner gave the suspect $40 in cash and the suspect fled.

Suspect points rifle: At about 2:36 p.m. near the 31000 block of Pacific Highway South, officers responded to a report of threats with a weapon in the parking lot of a business. The person interrupted a male suspect who was trying to force entry into his parked truck. The suspect ran back to his parked car where he retrieved a rifle, which he then pointed at the person before fleeing the scene. Police are investigating.

May 15

Attempted robbery: At about 12:30 a.m. near the 2000 block of South 327th Lane, an unknown suspect attempted to steal items from a person by displaying a handgun. No items were stolen and the suspect was not located.

Drugs on the bus: At about 4:18 p.m. near the 31600 block of 23rd Avenue South, a Pierce County bus operator reported feeling dizzy and lightheaded while picking up passengers at the Federal Way Transit Center. The driver believed he was exposed to an unknown substance, possibly fentanyl, before arriving at the transit center. The driver did not witness anyone smoking inside the bus. Medical and hazmat teams responded and found drug paraphernalia with burnt residue, which is commonly used to smoke illicit drugs.

May 16

Bedroom break-in: At about 12:29 a.m. near the 100 block of SW 332nd Place, officers responded to a recent residential burglary. Unknown suspects gained entry to the unit by breaking a ground floor bedroom window.

Bullet hole in apartment: At about 10:26 a.m. near the 32300 block of Hoyt Road SW, a person found a bullet hole through their second floor bedroom wall that appeared to have gone through the wall, through the closet and into the attic area. Officers service the area and found one cartage casing nearby.

Man shot walking to doctors: At about 1:01 p.m. near the 300 block of South 328th Street, officers responded to an illegal discharge. Later, a person called to report he was shot while walking to a doctor’s appointment.

May 17

Apartment struck by gunfire: At about 12:41 a.m. near the 1600 block of South 288th Street, an apartment was struck by gunfire. Police found two slugs, but no shell casings. The occupants of the apartment were not injured.

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