Federal Way Council selects pro and con marijuana advisory committee

Six residents were appointed to two advisory committees regarding Proposition No. 1 on the November ballot, one pro and one con.

Six Federal Way residents were selected on Tuesday to be on pro and con committees regarding the vote on marijuana retailers heading to the ballot this November.

The purpose of the committee is to act as an advisory board for Proposition No. 1 to determine how the vote will be phrased on the ballot.

The committee members are as follows:

Allison Taylor, Catherine Crawford and Krissy Grant were appointed to the pro committee.

Taylor said her primary motivation behind joining the pro committee was her belief that Federal Way residents deserved safe and legal access to cannabis.

“I am really excited to be chosen to move the process forward by being selected for this committee and hope to create a fact-based document that helps dispel rumors,” she said.

She also believes allowing marijuana retailers in the city will help generate revenue from the expanding industry.

Jack Walsh, Laurie Sherwin and Jim Stiles were appointed to the con committee.

Walsh, appointed to the con committee, said he believes the statement they create will be similar to the statement they created four years ago.

“[The] biggest concern is influence …” Walsh told the Mirror. “Basically, as I see it, bringing pot shops to Federal Way is giving tacit approval to young people that marijuana is OK.”

Having marijuana retailers in city limits would send a signal to kids in the community that the elected leaders of the city approve of this drug, Walsh said, and that’s a signal he doesn’t think young people in the community need.