Dine-and-dasher leaves phone behind | Federal Way Police Blotter

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log Nov. 1-7.

Nov. 1

Ice cream counter(feit): At about 1:11 p.m. near the 1900 block of South Commons, an unknown man attempted to pay for ice cream at Baskin-Robbins with a counterfeit $100 bill. The employee refused service to the man. The man then attempted to take the ice cream and the tip jar, but the employee was able to move the items before they were stolen.

Nov. 2

Stolen car suspect: At about 4:20 a.m. near the 31700 block of Pete von Reichbauer Way South, officers saw a stolen vehicle with a flat tire traveling southbound. The vehicle stopped at the Comfort Inn and two people got out of the car. Officers arrested the driver, who was taken to the station for process and released.

Hammer thrown: At about 3:15 a.m. near the 28700 block of Military Road South, a suspect threw a hammer at a convenience store window, shattering it. The suspect left the scene and police are continuing to investigate.

A dine-and-dash don’t: At about 12:45 p.m. near the 34900 block of Enchanted Parkway South, officers responded to a reported dine-and-dash incident. The suspect left his phone behind in the restaurant as he fled. It was booked as found property and the restaurant declined to press charges.

Boat be gone: At about 7:19 p.m. near the 30200 block of 7th Avenue South, it was reported that sometime overnight, an unknown person backed a vehicle into the victim’s driveway, cut the padlock off the boat trailer, hooked it to it and stole their boat. The crime was captured on video.

Nov. 4

Customer confrontation: At about 12:31 p.m. near the 33600 block of Pacific Highway South, police responded to an assault at a smoke and vape shop. The person accused employees of stealing his wallet, which did not happen. The man left, but then returned to confront the employees again. He pinned one of the employees against a wall, but the employee was able to escape. The person was later arrested.

Nov. 6

Attempted car theft: At about 7:10 a.m. near the 1200 block of South 336th Street, a person called to report that an unknown group of boys attempted to steal her car. The car’s window was smashed out and there was heavy damage to the ignition. The boys fled toward Pacific Highway and were not identified.

Gas station robbery: At about 8:17 p.m. near the 2500 block of South 320th Street, an unknown man used a handgun to demand money from a gas station clerk. The suspect fled on foot.

Gas station robbery again: At about 8:45 p.m. near the 27200 block of Pacific Highway South, officers responded to a panic alarm at a gas station. The investigation determined a robbery had taken place and a possible suspect was located. But not apprehended.

Nov. 7

DUI driver: At about 11:30 p.m. near the 3500 block of SW 340th Street, officers responded to a two-vehicle collision. The at-fault driver showed signs of impairment. The driver’s voluntary breath sample showed signs of alcohol consumption. The driver was not 21 years old and was arrested for DUI.

The Federal Way Mirror police blotter is a sample of entries compiled from the Federal Way Police Department’s Public Information Officer log. For more information on our processes at the Mirror, email your questions to editor@fedwaymirror.com