Dead Lakehaven incumbent wins re-election for commission seat

Timothy McClain earns 60% of votes for Pos. 4; Don Miller secures Lakehaven Commissioner Pos. 2.

Twenty-seven days after his death, Timothy McClain was re-elected for the Lakehaven Water and Sewer District commissioner Pos. 4 seat in early King County election results.

Approximately 60% of Federal Way residents selected McClain, while 39% voted for challenger Kate Mitchell.

McClain died on Oct. 9 while still on the ballot for the general election.

As McClain was elected posthumously, the board will now have 90 days to appoint someone to fill the position.

This person will serve on the board for two years as an appointed commissioner, Lakehaven general counsel Steve Pritchett previously told the Mirror.

The appointed individual will then be required to run in the November 2021 election to be elected to the board to fulfill the remaining four years of the six-year term.

For Lakehaven Commissioner Pos. 2, Don Miller secured 51% of votes while challenger Jeremy DelMar trails closely with 47%.

Final King County Elections results will be certified on Nov. 26. The Mirror will update this story as more information becomes available.