Breathe & Vibration meditation event to be held at Pacific Bonsai Museum

Organizers say the July 22 event will help transform burnout to bliss with conscious breathwork.

A Breath & Vibration event will be held July 22 at the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Federal Way. Organizers say the event will help move participants from burnout to bliss with conscious breathwork.

Participants will have the chance to learn and practice dynamic breathwork routines to activate the nervous system into releasing tension and emotions held in the body, according to host Mary Clymer.

This 75-minute journey was designed to move attendees out of a stress response and into a natural high by using their own breath.

Be guided through this fully immersive experience in a safe and fun way and feel the benefits of this powerful practice. From a better night’s sleep to overall improved circulation and an elevated mood, this transformative experience is a great way to self-medicate those blues away.

Once your body is floating on the waves of your own breath, the immersive vibrations of seven crystal singing bowls will take center stage to help ground you back to earth so you can begin to integrate this shift.

After participants are grounded back into their space they will have the opportunity to walk among the bonsai to breathe in their wisdom and carry their elevated vibration out into the world.

The event is at 10:15 a.m. Saturday, July 22 at the Pacific Bonsai Museum. Admission to the event costs $49 and there is limited space. For more information email