Water Freedom System Review – Does Chris Burns Program Work?

Water is the new gold; thus, every drop is precious. Recent studies have revealed that soon the world will experience a megadrought. The latest global coronavirus pandemic has shown that most nations are not well equipped to handle such calamities. In some parts of the world, there is a shortage of water throughout most of the year. With this information, people must learn to live with the drought or look for alternative solutions to survive the drought.

Chris Burns is a 57-year-old farmer from Fresno City who has offered a candid solution that will help you and your loved ones enjoy the water throughout a crisis period. Faced with water scarcity and drought, the farmer reveals that the government and corporations cannot offer you support when in need. In his case, he reveals that the government left them to look for alternative water sources after a prolonged drought in the region.

During this challenging period, his water reserve was completely emptied at gunpoint. This pushed him to develop an inexpensive technique that will give him enough water from thin air. His technique is the Water Freedom System which harnesses humid air, and after condensation, you get water. The military has popularly used this technique to access water in areas with dire clean water shortages.

Today, more than 11000 people around the world are using the Water Freedom System. This review uncovers all aspects of the Water Freedom System. It includes: what is included in it, how it works, and how you can get it.

What is the Water Freedom System?

The Water Freedom System is a downloadable guide that gives you instructions on how you can harness clean and safe water. The step-by-step guide lays down the materials and the system that will allow you to have water. With just $270 and about three hours to spare, you will be able to assemble the water supply tool. It has a detailed instructional manual on how you can harvest water from your immediate environment.

With the Water Freedom System, you no longer have to rely on rain to get water. The guide gives you a detailed plan of how to get water from the humid air. At the end of the process, you get clean, safe, and ready-to-drink water.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Chris Burns found this pocket-friendly and viable solution when armed thieves stole his water. He traveled to his uncle Philip who helped him to come up with the water generating tool.

Unlike in the military design, he made sure that this new tool will not cost much and can be used and assembled by everyone. Working on a tight budget and constrained by time, Chris created the Water Freedom System.

How the Water Freedom System Works

As stated earlier, the Water Freedom System uses the principle of condensation. The humid air enters the tool through suction, and when it cools down, you get the precious water. The process uses the exact mechanism as the air conditioner though it is much quicker and efficient.

According to Chris, you can get up to 60 gallons of clean and pure water using the Water Freedom System. However, if your household needs more than the 60 gallons generated by one unit, you only increase the number of units. When faced with drought, the system will provide your home with enough water. The creator has simplified the step-by-step manual such that you do not need a professional or expert to help you assemble it.

The author has given out videos explaining and showing the step-to-step process of building your own Water Freedom System. Similarly, Chris is offering support and answering questions via email in case you get stuck.

Some of the essential materials that are used during the construction of the water system include:


Safety is paramount when building your own Water Freedom System. Gloves are essential to protect your hands when handling tools like metals and drills.


The water system cannot be built without a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier is an essential material that collects humid air, and after the condensation process, you can collect clean and safe water for drinking.

Submersible water pump

It pumps water from the dehumidifier, all the way up through the plastic barrel, and finally into the water filter tap.

Other materials used include different sizes of clear pipe tubes, water filter dispenser, cabin air filter, lighting cable, duct tape, insulating and measuring tape, wrenches, pliers, lighter, different sized drill bits, among other materials provided in the guide.

Why Should You Invest in the Water Freedom System?

Below are the benefits of getting the Water Freedom System

The Water Freedom System guidelines are easy to follow. Therefore you will learn how to get an unlimited water supply by turning humidity from the air into water. The manual lets you get a viable water solution with less than $270 and spend about three hours to complete the process of setup.

Most of us are worried about whether the water we quench our thirst with is safe. The Water Freedom System guarantees you pure, clean, and high-quality water.

You will be able to have water sources that are light and portable and a cushion of security for you in case of an emergency.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. The Water Freedom System gives you water whenever you need it without worrying about paying bills at the end of the month. With this system, you are guaranteed water security.

Apart from the initial investment, you are assured of having free water daily. This water system saves you considerably from high water bills.

The water purification system does not need the addition of any chemicals, making it safe for drinking.

Beneficiaries of the Water Freedom System

According to Chris, anyone willing to save generations’ future to come can benefit from the Water Freedom System. Due to its simplicity, there are no restrictions based on qualifications, age, or gender. Your geographical region does not matter as long as the air is humid. Thus, the system is crucial in addressing the water crisis, even in scorching and dry areas. Chris reveals that the building process was straightforward that he shared it with his wife and two daughters as a precaution if something happened to him. Since it is portable and lightweight, you can carry it with you when relocating.

Components of the Water Freedom System

Below are some of the bonuses that you get after purchasing the Water Freedom System:

The Essential Guide to Bartering

Remember barter and trade? The barter system was crucial before the introduction of the currency as it allowed people to exchange goods. Through a barter system, people exchanged their commodities to get what they did not have but needed. The author of the Water Freedom System eBook provides you with valuable information on how to trade commodities in the face of calamities. This means you will be able to use sustainable solutions for dire situations even without currency.

Ultimate Greenhouse eBook

Natural calamities such as drought reduce the possibility of seeing high food yields. The Water Freedom System eBook will guide how to build a greenhouse that will ensure a steady supply of food produce. The guide is a simplified manual that includes steps on how you can construct the greenhouse by yourself.

Black Survival Guide

This eBook contains detailed tips on how to survive natural calamities. The author gives you techniques that can save you during emergencies.

Paranoid’s Home Defense Manual

When faced with emergencies, the most important thing is how to protect your family, wealth, and home. To survive, you have to devise tactics that offer a solution to your problems. The author of the eBook Paranoid’s Home Defense Manual provides you with valuable techniques that can protect your possessions and loved ones when faced with threats.

Where can you buy the Water Freedom System?

You can only purchase the Water Freedom System at the official website for $39.69. You cannot download it at any other site. Water Freedom System is a digital program, the downloadable guide is in PDF format and can be viewed on any digital device, and you can read it anytime you wish. After purchasing the product, you are assured of receiving a full refund if you don’t find it helpful by contacting;

  • chris@waterrevolutionguide.net.

Final Verdict

The Water Freedom System is a unique concept that can significantly save the world from water scarcity. As such, this digital guide deserves the attention of the world. As resources continue to get depleted, experts have already forewarned an impending drought period in the near future. Therefore, this manual water supply is vital in surviving a natural calamity.

Apart from a steady daily supply of water, the Water Freedom System has the potential of reducing water wastage, and users of the program can collect up to sixty gallons of safe drinking water a day for pennies a day in cost. The 60-day money-back assurance makes the product a legit and worthwhile investment and with unlimited lifetime support. This system saves you from the constant necessity of purchasing bottled water or going through the expense of drilling a well, costing thousands of dollars.

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