WashWand+ Teeth Cleaner Reviews – Is Wash Wand Plus Ultra-Sonic Teeth Cleaner Legit?

High dental costs make it difficult for people to get regular dental checkups. Poor dental care also leads to plaque buildup that can cause cavities. Dental experts advise people to brush their teeth twice daily to keep them healthy. However, most dental care products in the market do not effectively remove plaque from the teeth, thus causing bad breath.

Therefore, a group of experts developed a unique tooth cleaner to help flush out plaque from the teeth.

What is the WashWand+ Teeth Cleaner?

WashWand + Teeth Cleaner is a product developed to help people struggling with dental plaque that causes cavities and bad breath. The device makes teeth cleaning easier, consistent, and enjoyable. It is an easy-to-use device and does not require the use of other expensive dental tools. The device flushes out dental plaque within a few seconds. It helps you save thousands of dollars in dental care visits.

How does WashWand Teeth Cleaner Work?

One of the WashWand device’s most remarkable features is its technology. It has a simple appearance and makes plaque removal easy without going to the dentist. The device does not involve the use of sharp blades.

The device uses gentle vibrations that provide an easy cleaning process. It has three different oscillation modes that you can choose from when cleaning. These modes allow you to select the most preferred speed and pressure when cleaning.

It does not require any special training before using the device.

WashWand+ Teeth Cleaner Features

Dental problems are prevalent in the majority of people. Poor dental care is the leading cause of several dental issues. People with dental problems experience symptoms such as bad breath, sensitive teeth and gums, weak teeth, and cavities. WashWand + Teeth Cleaner can help with the following features:

Three-Speed Options

Removing tartar from the teeth requires a triple sonic speed scrub head. The WashWand + Teeth Cleaner comes with three different point options. These three-point options come with three different controllable speeds to allow you to remove plaque from the teeth.

It Runs on Quiet Mode

The device runs in a quiet mode making it comfortable to use. The manufacturer claims that it produces less than 30 decibels of noise.

In-Built Spotlight

One of the main challenges of bad breath is spotting and removing plaque from teeth. WashWand contains a built-in LED light that allows you to light up every tooth you are working on. It guarantees you 100% removal of tartar from the teeth.

Long Lasting Battery

Once charged, the WashWand tooth cleaner can run for up to three hours. However, cleaning the teeth only takes a few seconds or minutes. Therefore, one can use the device for several days after charging.

USB Charging

The device contains a rechargeable battery. One does not need to worry about purchasing batteries. The device includes a lithium-ion device that is rechargeable through the USB port.

Twist to Lock System

The twist-to-lock system ensures that all speed mode heads are firmly attached to the WashWand. It offers a safe and reliable lock on the head, allowing it to run at very high speeds without injuring your teeth.


How to Set Up the WashWand Teeth Cleaner

The WashWand + Teeth Cleaner is very simple to use. Once you receive the package, unpack the device from the box. Ensure that you charge the battery and snap the plaque removal head of your choice. Switch on the device and select the preferred speed.

What is Contained in the WashWand+ Teeth Cleaner Package?

The WashWand + Teeth Cleaner has become popular because it does not require technical knowledge. It operates similarly to a toothbrush. Each package contains some small items to help you operate the device.

These items include:

Sonic Detailer

The sonic detailer is the main area of the WashWand as it houses the battery and contains the control switches.

Proprietary Pointed Tip

Each package contains a proprietary pointed tip used that removes plaque. However, you can purchase other tools for buffing and polishing the teeth.

Other items include:

  • Charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card

WashWand+ Availability and Pricing

WashWand + Teeth Cleaner is available only on the official website. The device is not available in any physical store. Ordering from the official allows you to enjoy incredible discounts on every purchase. Visit the official website and enjoy a 50% discount on all purchases.

  • One WashWand+ Dental Plaque Remover $49.99 USD
  • Two WashWand+ Dental Plaque Removers $99.99 USD
  • Three WashWand+ Dental Plaque Removers $111.99 USD
  • Four WashWand+ Dental Plaque Removers $149.99 USD

Shipping Charges for orders are calculated and displayed during the checkout process. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers every order. Unsatisfied users can claim a refund within thirty days after purchase. To initiate a refund, customers are asked to contact the company by filling out a form at:

  • Contact Form: https://support.shopwashwand.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  • Customer Service Email: https://support.shopwashwand.com

WashWand+ Final Verdict

Most people face difficulties trying to maintain healthy dental hygiene. Bad breath, plaque, and tartar on the teeth can be challenging to eradicate. Dental products such as toothpaste do not scrap the plaque between the teeth leading to buildup.

WashWand is a dental tool that helps users eliminate plaque from their teeth. It has several features that make it easy to use while cleaning. Order a WashWand + Teeth Cleaner and enjoy a 50% discount.



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