New Year, new services at Puyallup senior care center

VA benefits assistance now accepted at local senior care services center

Senior residents and their caregivers in the Greater Puyallup area can look forward to new services and care options from Senior Helpers this New Year. Owner Herman Kaur announced two new services coming available and the exciting news that Senior Helpers is now accepting VA benefits assistance and homemaker benefits, allowing them to better serve seniors throughout the community.

More support for veterans

Kaur is excited to announce that as of last month Senior Helpers had signed an agreement with Veterans Affairs that would allow them to extend their wide range of services to veterans as well as accept VA benefits assistance and homemaker benefits.

“Since June, we’ve had veterans inquiring about our services. Unfortunately, we were not contracted with the VA at the time.” Kaur says. “We’re excited to announce that these new services will include companion care and personal care support options for veterans.”

Caregivers will provide companionship and assist with daily household tasks, such as showering, house cleaning, and picking up prescriptions as well as offering veterans a caring presence for those with limited mobility. Kaur notes that with many veterans suffering from isolation, loneliness, and depression these services are in growing demand.

Nurse delegated tasks

Senior Helpers is also launching a nurse-delegated RN service. This expansion includes administering medication, blood monitoring, and various non-therapeutic tasks like dressing changes, catheter care, urinary care, and blood glucose monitoring.

“In the past we did not have a need for these services but there has been a growing demand from our clients,” Kaur says. “So we felt that now was a good time to introduce it and ensure we can continue to support our clients to the best of our abilities.”

This innovative approach allows registered nurses (RNs) to delegate tasks to caregivers, ensuring that caregivers can correctly provide medical aid to their loved ones. Caregivers will receive hands-on training to ensure they follow protocols and state standards, ensuring the safety and well-being of the seniors they care for.

Flex home care

Flex Home care’ is a flexible time slot allocated to clients, ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours of care, making it ideal for quick check-ins, medication reminders, showers, dressing assistance, and even preparing a quick meal.

“We’re committed to removing budget constraints to allow us to provide care that fits every budget,” Kaur says. “This new service is sort of like having a health-focused concierge and is a great budget conscious solution.”

For more information about Senior Helpers and their wide range of services, visit their website or contact them by phone at 253-444-3080.

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