Home for the holidays in Federal Way’s senior-living community

During the holiday season, many thoughts turn to memories of childhood homes and the pleasures of a family Christmas. Those special memories shape how we keep the holidays throughout our lives. No matter how people choose to celebrate, there’s one thing common to us all: gathering with family and friends.

Families hold a special place in every heart

Family can be related, but it is also the people you choose to surround yourself with–those folks who become extended family. The notion of “home for the holidays” is a common aspiration at the time of year that makes us draw our nearest and dearest together, but what makes a place a real home?

It’s not the building’s bricks and mortar, but the people who we share our lives with every day— those who hold a special place in our hearts. At GenCare Lifestyle Federal Way, home is where the heart is every day, and home is a great place to be, especially at Christmas time.

Home is a feeling we share

The staff go the extra mile, not because it’s their job, but because they’re an indispensable part of creating that “at home” family feeling — and they love what they do.

Brianna Sam, Executive Director, loves her job. She says that her favorite interaction with residents “is the moment we share a smile (even in a mask!), laugh, or share a special handshake or hug. It’s that moment when we make a true connection and our relationship is formed!”

Making sure that every resident is cared for like family is important to Brianna. “Home is where the heart is, home is your comfort zone, sanctuary and peaceful place…our GenCare family makes this house into a Home!” a lesson she learned from her Bama (Grandma). “I have deep-rooted passion to help and serve elders… it’s my incredible love for this group of people that keeps me lifted.”

Small things draw folks together

Charles Kotlan, Vitality Director, GenCare Lifestyle Federal Way.

Charles Kotlan, Vitality Director, GenCare Lifestyle Federal Way.

All year-round, there’s lots to do at GenCare Lifestyle Federal Way, but the holidays bring even more to enjoy. For Charles Kotlan, Vitality Director, every day is about making a home for his extended family.

It’s the little things that count, and one of Charles’ favorite weekly occurrences is popcorn making in the lobby. “Sometimes the entire lobby is full of people waiting for a bag and just the lead up and prep become a VERY social situation!” says Charles.

For Charles, the holidays are about friends, family and his “work family.” He took a temporary Activity Assistant position in 2009 and, “I enjoyed my interactions with the seniors so much that I stayed on to become the Activity Director.”

Christmas goodies and holiday smiles

Oscar Ramirez, GenCare Lifestyle Federal Way Culinary Director.

Oscar Ramirez, GenCare Lifestyle Federal Way Culinary Director.

An important part of the holidays that brings happy memories, is the food! Culinary Director, Osmar Ramirez says for him, “home is a place where family gather for laughter and to be surrounded by loved ones!” He brings that family feeling to work with him remarking that one of the best parts of his job is, “putting a smile on the faces of the residents and making it a highlight of their day by providing delicious food.”

GenCare Lifestyle Federal Way provides a great place to call home for the holidays—and for the rest of the year too. Contact the great team at GenCare Federal Way for more information or find them on Facebook here.

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