Nearly 1,500 celebrate end of Ramadan in Federal Way

April 10 marked Eid al-Fitr with treats, prayer and fellowship.

By Joshua Solorzano/

The Islamic Center of Federal Way used Eid al-Fitr to celebrate the end of Ramadan, but also to make their positive presence known throughout the local community at the end of this holy month of fasting and prayer.

On April 10, the Islamic Center hosted Eid al-Fitr Mubarak at Pabla Punjab Palace in Federal Way, featuring Eid prayer, fellowship, food and fun for the kids. Volunteer Hasan Khokhar estimated that around 1,500 people attended the two morning prayer events, adding that the attendance doubled from last year.

In addition to the large crowd and festivities, ICFW community organizer Muhammad Khalid Nazir said this event was put on free of charge for the whole community, with an emphasis on being open to the community. Nazir said one of their goals is to make a positive impact and to change the perception that some people have of Muslims.

Nazir said the ICFW is full of peaceful and loving people who want to learn about the community and invite everyone from other faiths to visit the center to learn more. Muhammad Saeed, a trustee and founder of the Islamic Center of Federal Way, said the center is interested in enriching the Federal Way community and clearing up misconceptions about Islam.

“There’s a lot of misconception about Islam, and I think people need to be educated. We are not fundamentalists or terrorists, and all this stuff that you sometimes hear in the news media,” Saeed said. “The media doesn’t show what Islam is, so we’re trying to inform them more and help them understand.”

Saeed said the Islamic Center is interested in joining forces with local government to solve the issue of high crime in the area. Saeed said he’s lived in Federal Way since 1977, and said that crime is worse than ever. Despite this, Saeed said he appreciates law enforcement and knows they’re overwhelmed, but he wants to see how they can work together to solve the problem.

ICFW President Nadeem Ahmed was involved in helping to enact a Washington state halal food bill. The pair teamed up with Senator Claire Wilson (D-District 31) and others to testify for this food bill that makes it a violation of the Consumer Protection Act if any person knowingly sells any food product marketed as halal, despite it not meeting the standards to be halal in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.

People praying during Eid al-Fitr inside Pabla Punjabi Palace. Photo by Joshua Solorzano/ The Mirror

People praying during Eid al-Fitr inside Pabla Punjabi Palace. Photo by Joshua Solorzano/ The Mirror