‘Let There Be Love’ in Federal Way

Centerstage presents the first fully-staged production of the play at the Knutzen Family Theater.

Starting Jan. 31, Centerstage is taking the community on a journey of 2020 love.

Performed for the first time ever, “Let There Be Love,” written by Mrinalini Kamath and directed by Alyson Soma, will showcase the depth of how love and technology are intertwined and if truth is ever really subjective.

Centerstage Artistic Director Trista Duval said she is excited Centerstage will be the first theater to perform a fully-staged production because she knows that this play will take the theater world by storm.

One thing that is more unique about this production, she said, is that it was written by a woman of color, and in the theater world you are much more likely to find plays written by white men.

Centerstage has also been looking for more ways to increase their diversity in cast and shows, Duval said.

“In this show, the team is culturally and ethnically diverse,” she said. “Bringing diversity into the arts is something you have to do very purposefully. You have to prioritize it.”

One of the reasons Centerstage chose this show was because it is something that was written in a different voice but that everyone could still relate to.

“These are universal themes written by a voice we don’t get to hear very often,” Duval said.

Duval is looking forward to how the audience will react to this production, as it’s different from most plays.

“Aside from the fact it will be a highly enjoyable experience, modern day plays are not done very often,” she said, noting its going to be a very enjoyable experience for everyone, and particularly for the younger audience that have grown up in a more technological world.

According to Centerstage’s website, “…The show was workshopped in New York and here at UW Seattle, so Centerstage is very proud to present it in its premiere.”

The show begins Jan. 31 at the Knutzen Family theater at Dumas Bay, and tickets can be purchased at centerstagetheatre.com.