Holiday shows now streaming from Centerstage Theatre, Federal Way PAEC

A Virtual Centerstage Christmas Cabaret available through Dec. 22; PAEC’s The Home … for the Holidays for view through Dec. 24.

Cozy on up by your screen and enjoy festive productions during the holidays from Centerstage Theatre and the Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center.

Centerstage Theatre

The Federal Way-based local theatre group brings the Christmas spirit to you in their Cabaret-on-Demand performance of individually filmed actors for a family friendly show in “A Virtual Centerstage Christmas Cabaret.” The show is available through Dec. 22. Tickets can be purchased at to start streaming.

Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center

Tune into “Assisted Living: The Musical’s The Home … for the Holidays” show, featuring two actors who play a vaudevillian romp as 18 different eccentrics who reside at Pelican Roost, the party school of retirement communities. The 90-minute show is the second in the “Assisted Living” series and is authored by Rick Compton and Betsy Bennett. The show was taped-as-live before a socially-distanced, live audience on the main stage at Artis Naples in South Florida. The show is available through Dec. 24. Tickets are $15 and available at