Centerstage Theatre presents Agatha Christie’s “Spider’s Web”

“Spider’s Web” runs through Feb. 18.

By Laura Barfield, For the Mirror

It was a dark and stormy night…

The perfect backdrop for — murder!

Riotous fun abounds in Centerstage Theatre’s production of Agatha Christie’s “Spider’s Web.” Agatha cleverly wrote this spoof of her own genre of murder mysteries. Premiering in London in 1954, it ran for an extraordinary 744 performances. And it’s still just as entertaining today.

Seeking a stable homelife for adolescent Pippa, Henry and his new wife Clarissa have moved to the English countryside — far from London where Henry’s ex-wife lives with her drug dealing husband, Oliver. A surprise visit from Oliver is just the first domino to fall in a cascade of comedic errors in this madcap whodunit.

The stage, set as a cozy drawing room, instantly transports the audience to an English country home, and the talented cast does the rest. Kaira Hensler carries the show as the precocious Clarissa. Moments of comedic genius are performed by Sonia Alexis as Lady Delahaye, William Scott Pinkston as Elgin, and Dale Bowers as Hugo Birch. Lillian Morris comically plays the angsty Pippa. Sally Brady steals the show as the helpful gardener, Miss Peake.

“Spider’s Web” runs through Feb. 18. Seeing a show at Centerstage is an experience complete with craft cocktails created for each play. If you can’t work “Spider’s Web into your busy schedule, there are two more shows left this season: “First Date—the Musical” and “Ten Acrobats in an Amazing Leap of Faith.”

Centerstage Theatre is located at 3200 SW Dash Point Road at the Knutzen Family Theatre in Federal Way. Tickets can be purchased at

Laura Barfield writes children’s books and is a real estate appraiser. She also has a background in both acting and directing. When she’s not writing, she can be found strolling one of the beautiful trails in the Seattle area with her husband and labradoodle.