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Skin color is irrelevant

I am a Democrat and I like Hiroshi Eto. But I have to make very clear where I stand on the issue of racialism.

I read the letter from Hiroshi Eto in the Federal Way Mirror and I am disgusted by his attacks on what he calls candidates of the past.

I like him and usually agree with him. To tell you where I stand, I am a Democrat and I like Hiroshi Eto. But I have to make very clear where I stand on the issue of racialism.

Skin color is irrelevant and we should always honor those who made our city a great place to live.

I like and respect Linda Kochmar. And I like what Linda has been doing for our city so far including the fight against the water tax.

I was more than likely going to vote for Linda. I am a Democrat but I always vote for the best candidate regardless.

Be assured that I will vote for Linda Kochmar.

Francois Ryf

Federal Way

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