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Letters to the editor

Roegner’s role

We are subscribing to the Federal Way Mirror in support and appreciation of your opinion writer Bob Roegner. We believe that he is an asset to the Mirror and to Federal Way. He provides information, ideas and opinions about Federal Way that we do not find anyplace else.

As with any opinion writer in newspapers, one does not have to agree with them all of the time, but we appreciate Mr. Roegner for sharing his ideas and opinions for the reader to think about.

We know that he has received criticism from writers of letters to the editor and from some in city government for not being a cheerleader for Federal Way and not only writing “positive, uplifting stories” that will attract people and businesses to Federal Way.

We do not think that this is the role of an opinion writer. It is also not beneficial to readers who are trying to learn what is happening in City Hall and other political bodies in the area. And it is not worthwhile for the people and businesses attracted to Federal Way, only to find the cheerleading information is not accurate.

Thanks to Bob Roegner, we all have more information available and other opinions in order to make our decisions and opinions about Federal Way and local politics.

Tom Cunningham and Bill Beale, Federal Way

Elephant blues

What is so wrong about a tree with an elephant? The mascot for the submarine I served on is a sleepy turtle named Frumpy. He is universally love by all who sailed on the USS Pasadena. Come up with nicknames for the elephant and bird and embrace a little quirkiness. This town is a bit to uptight and could use a little self-deprecation and publicity.

Francisco Cruz, Federal Way

Circus train

“We collectively feel that this image does not represent our community. In essence, the artist’s vision of a dead tree, elephant, and bird will make our city the subject of ridicule and derision,” the Nov. 5 letter to the Sound Transit Board of Directors states.

I agree that this public art does not represent the Federal Way community. However, maybe through psychoanalysis of self-portraiture, the artist captured a portrait of Sound Transit’s dead circus train.

Kathleen McHugh, Tacoma

Art in FW

None of the art in Federal Way is appealing. A rusted hulk library to individual senseless pieces.

A true representation of Federal Way should be something people stand under to take a family picture.

Mitchell Blanton, Tacoma

Elephant in the room

I similarly oppose an elephant and bird at the transit center! If FW’s logging heritage is to be honored, why can’t they even have the correct time on the logging-looking clock that’s already there? The elephant idea is as ridiculous as the continual wrong time at a transit center, where schedules are tantamount. Plus, in a time when public funds must be carefully considered, why wake up to this elephant in this elephant in the room?

Diana Mac, Federal Way

Inslee and learning

For starters, I support Gov. Jay Inslee. A story was recently published on the governor’s website that said the governor “announced the allocation of $24 million in Coronavirus Relief Funds to purchase approximately 64,000 computing devices for students across the state.” The article stated that, “At the beginning of the 2020–2021 school year, more than 95% of students in Washington began the year in remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” The governor was quoted as saying, “The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown challenges at every Washingtonian, especially working families and students — having the proper equipment to navigate their new educational reality shouldn’t be one of those challenges.”

My first question: What is the governor doing to improve remote learning, accessibility, and accommodations for disabled students who were already facing these challenges prior to the pandemic?

The Arc of Washington State and Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council reported Washington State has “143,000 students with disabilities; over 13.5% of all students have disabilities; [and] Washington is currently one of the least inclusive states, ranking 44 out of 50.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these “Students are at risk for regression and recoupment issues.” Furthermore, autistic students experience higher rates of adverse outcomes due to unpredictability, uncertainty, and social isolation, which “has a real impact on their mental health, and risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.”

My second question: What is the governor doing to reverse these adverse outcomes that autistic students experience?

Heather Swanson, Auburn

Voice at the table

The headlines and front page stories of last week’s Mirror left me a bit bewildered. One headline: “Federal Way’s people of color seek a voice at the table.” Another: “Democrats ahead in 30th District State rep. position.” Below this second headline were photos of the winners: Jesse Johnson and Jamila Taylor, both people of color.

Just what is meant by “a voice at the table?”

Both of our state representatives are people of color and four of the seven city council members are people of color. Isn’t that a voice at the table?

A wide diversity of races and ethnicities already brings strength to our community. All people should be treated fairly, but it is time that people of color no longer clamor for more privileges, claiming they are oppressed. They have a seat at the table. Their complaints ring hollow.

Dala Evans, Federal Way