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Response to Roegner

In response to Bob Roegner’s opinion on the King County elections published July 30, I would like to speak on behalf of Quentin Morris’s candidacy for the Federal Way School Board Position 1 Director. Quentin is a neighbor of mine; I have spoken with him at length and believe he will be a genuine and passionate advocate for both students, parents and teachers.

Quentin is a retired Boeing executive with a track record of problem solving based on real-world analytics, as well as multi-level consensus-building based on trust and performance. Quentin is a bridge-builder who offers a fresh, common sense, no-nonsense approach to school board policy that addresses the needs of Federal Way children for an education that genuinely prepares them to thrive in the workplaces of today and the future.

Quentin’s priorities as a director will be the need for school district transparency so that parents have accurate information on the quality of education their children receive. This is a pressing need. Quentin’s proper interpretation of Washington State statute affirms that the Superintendent reports to the School Board. It is the School Board who establishes the policy to be observed and enforced. The School Board should never cede this authority to the Superintendent. By doing so, it cedes its responsibility to representing the community’s interests and trust.

As a parent of four children who graduated from Federal Way schools, who is concerned about the future of Federal Way’s children, I encourage everyone to give Quentin Morris a serious look.

Richard Conant, Federal Way