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Reject Ref. 90, overturn new statewide sex ed mandate

The Federal Way Mirror article “Sex education in schools: What it is and what it isn’t” is slanted.

Your main source for the article is sex ed radical Laurie Dils, OSPI’s sexual health program supervisor. She writes OSPI’s scandalous bi-monthly emails on the topic of “Sexual Health Education News and Resources.” That bi-monthly email has referenced Planned Parenthood and SEICUS.

Laurie Dils used to work for Planned Parenthood. FYI, Planned Parenthood does secret abortions on 13-year-old girls in this state, and it is also the nation’s largest provider of sex ed resources. OSPI’s approved sex ed curriculums are heavily influenced by Planned Parenthood and SEICUS.

Both SEICUS and Planned Parenthood promote sex ed that teaches pleasure, sodomy and early sexual experimentation to young children. So, when Laurie Dils says OSPI sex ed guidelines are “age appropriate,” do you trust her judgment?

Planned Parenthood is bankrolling the campaign to “approve Referendum 90” and financing campaigns of the Democrats responsible for SB 5395 (new sex ed law). SB 5395 forces all school districts in the state to teach OSPI approved sex ed curriculums.

The only OSPI approved curriculums designed to comply with SB 5395 are so explicit that Olympia’s TVW had to shut down while the curriculum’s content was read out loud, during the Washington state Legislature’s battle to pass SB 5395 into law.

The new law is so outrageous, over one quarter million voters signed the petition to get Referendum 90 on the ballot.

Vote to “reject Referendum 90” and overturn the new statewide sex ed mandate.

Mary Locke,

Federal Way

Approve Ref. 90

Do you remember learning about consent, healthy relationships and how to talk about your emotions as a part of your sex-ed curriculum? Probably not.

We cannot let another generation of young people in Federal Way grow up without this crucial foundation of sex-ed. One in 4 women and 1 in 9 men will experience sexual assault, which means most likely, you know someone who has been assaulted.

We must ensure that young people have access to age-appropriate and fully inclusive comprehensive sex-education (that any parent can still opt-out of according to the policy). As someone who has led my church’s high school youth program, I care deeply about young people. Having access to this information will help them make healthy decisions for their safety, for healthy relationships and for their own identities.

As longtime members of the Federal Way community, my family and I urge you to approve Referendum 90. My mom has been an educator in the Federal Way School District for over 20 years and also strongly calls for your support for this Referendum. A vote to approve Referendum 90 is a vote for the future of generations to come.

Katie, Carrie, Joanie, Lyn and Doug Stultz


For the love of Harborview

It only takes a second to go from fine to needing life-saving medical care that only a level one a trauma center can provide.

Here’s my one second story.

In June 2015, my Girl Scout Troop, which I had led for 12 years, had just wrapped up our last meeting before they graduated and were off to college. Our troop started when my family lived in Covington. This small group followed us when we moved to Federal Way.

The girls were all old enough to drive themselves to Federal Way. We ended the night with hugs and plans to attend everyone’s graduations in a few weeks.

Less than five minutes after the carpool left our home, I got the bone chilling call with the words no one wants to hear: “There’s been an accident.” Mandy and Taylor (names changed to protect their privacy) were in a serious collision and Taylor was critically injured.

Initially, work was done to stabilize Taylor at St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way, but her pelvis was too injured, and Taylor needed the support of a level one trauma center. She was transported there while we and her family waited for news.

We spent two weeks with her, taking turns visiting Harborview Medical Center in shifts because the shared room she was in didn’t allow for more than one to two visitors at a time. And thanks to the incredible staff and care that she received, Taylor survived, she was able to walk again, and she did attend graduation.

Now it is Harborview that needs our help. We need to ensure that it is seismically reinforced to withstand its own one second that could change everything. We need to step up to help Harborview create single rooms that allow for infection control, but also for families to have room to support their critically ill and injured members.

This is why I am voting yes for Proposition 1 to help Harborview in its moment of critical need. We all need Harborview. Thankfully, we in the South Sound don’t need it very often. But when we do, it’s life or death.

Allie Franklin,

Federal Way