My sincerest apologies to the first responders | Letters

My apologies

My sincerest apologies to the first responders who came to my home a few weeks ago and to the 911 operator who tried to reach me for 30-plus minutes on the phone because my Apple Watch had notified them that I had fallen.

I am so sorry you were called to come to my aid unnecessarily. I had been pressure washing my back patio, and did something that made my watch think I had fallen. Because of the noise and the vibration of the pressure washer, I did not notice the alert on my watch.

I am so sorry that you were called to my home. I appreciate your assistance and have learned that I cannot wear my watch when I am doing certain kinds of manual labor. Maybe my mistake will alert others to the possibility that first responders could be called when not needed.

I am glad to know they are available if I were in actual need and hope that my issue did not delay them from someone who was in actual distress. Again, my sincerest apologies.

Jeannette Chanez, Federal Way