Letters: Support King County Charter Amendment

Support King County Charter Amendment

As a lifelong resident of King County, I want to share an opportunity to make our elections system more representative, accessible, and a stronger Democracy for us all. This election you will have the opportunity to vote yes on King County Charter Amendment 1 to move the highest races in King County to even-year elections; including King County Executive, Assessor, Elections Director, and County Council.

I have been organizing in King County for most of my career with the Washington Bus, and now as the Senior Political Manager for Win|Win Network. Win|Win Network works to support organizations working for a stronger democracy by taking a data-driven approach to finding solutions. According to voter participation data in King County moving to even-year elections, would more than double and even triple participation among working class voters, young voters, and voters of color. For example; young voters ages 18 -35 turned out at 15.2% in 2019 and 63.3% in 2020; a 316% increase, and Asian, Latino and Black voters participated at an average of 20.4% in 2019, and 67.6% in the 2020 general election.

Even-year elections will increase voter participation, diversify the electorate, and empower new and diverse candidates to run for office.

A Democracy where more voters participate is a stronger Democracy for us all. Vote Yes on Charter Amendment 1 on your ballot before Nov. 8th for a stronger and more representative democracy. For more information on how to support this measure go to yeskingcharter1.org.

Katie Stultz, Kent