Letters: Pride and homosexual behavior in Federal Way

Homosexual behavior

I am Mark W. Christie and I am running for the State Senate District 30. I agree with Jack Walsh’s position that we should not be making a Pride message out of homosexual behavior. I take this position because I love all people equally, whether they live in a Biblical way of life or not. Therefore, I (and I am sure that Jack feels the same way) am against people who single out other people’s un-Biblical behavior to be judgmental, self-righteous or to simply be mean spirited. This attitude even turns me off in the same way that I am sure it turns off others.

However, equal just means equal. Therefore, I am just as turned off by pandering and identity politics. It is absolutely true that homosexual behavior is no more against Biblical teachings than adultery and unfaithfulness. It is no more un-Biblical than heterosexual men who do reckless bed hopping — and who have deeply harmed society with the problems of illegitimacy and the wholesale abortions that their irresponsible behavior has caused. It is no more un-Biblical than getting a divorce – which is also a family problem that has deeply harmed American society. But, therein is the point: we do not do Pride celebrations for these types of acts (nor should we).

And … homosexual behavior is also no less un-Biblical than adultery, divorce and/or reckless bed hopping. So why does our society have to be constantly engaged in pandering and/or PC politics? Consequently, I am also against Pride celebrations for things that are, ultimately, un-Biblical behavior. And only because I believe that equal simply means equal.

Mark W. Christie

Federal Way

The creator’s rules

Allison Fine, vice chair of the diversity committee, calling Mr. Walsh weak in his decision to decline the proclamation, is wrong in her assessment, to all of us who agree with councilmember Jack Walsh in not recognizing Pride month. Mr. Walsh represents tens of thousands of us in FW who have the courage to live according to the Holy Bible, which states that our creator deems marriage to be between one man and one woman. Homosexuality, according to the Holy Bible, is not how God wants us to live because this lifestyle causes more strife and hardship in life for those who choose it. Jack Walsh is not a weak person, but a courageous individual who loves and embraces all people with respect to his creator.

Becky and Dan Vacanti

Federal Way