Letters: Homelessness and traffic tickets in Federal Way

Letters to the Editor.

Homelessness in FW

Homeless problem is getting worse. Since both Seattle and Tacoma are moving homeless camps out of their city limits, the towns around will be inheriting the problems. Federal Way is a new destination. I live on a drug infested street and the number of homeless has tripled. Federal Way needs to be ready to deal with all the new homeless.

Cathryn Maloney

Federal Way

Traffic tickets at schools

These tickets involve issuing them without clearly marked posting. One little camera without flashing lights, and at Panther Lake you cannot even see the school. What a farce. These are on busy streets. By Celebration Park there are clearly marked flashing cameras that flash while people cross the street. These should be used if they were concerned about the kids at school, but it is just to generate fines unfairly to people who clearly can’t see the yellow light hidden there. But that is the way it is designed. I have read most people can’t afford a $400 expense, and then you have rip-off places like this set up by vultures. Really unfair. If red lights are run, that is fine for them to get a ticket.

Alvina German

Federal Way