Letters: Federal Way’s housing issues

Letters to the Editor for April 22.

Housing problems

I am disappointed that Federal Way is doing little to solve the housing problems. I live right next to Town Square Park and I see tons of smart and strong people forced to live on the streets because all forms of shelter are treated like a business rather than a right.

This is especially true for hotels, nursing homes and apartments, of which I live near two big ones. I see people living on stolen land every day who complain about others who don’t have the money to purchase some stolen land of their own, and treating them like weird animals. They say they want to help them solve their drug problems, but in truth, they just want them to go far away from them so they can more easily pretend they don’t exist.

We have to treat them with the same dignity we treat our similar peers first and then deal with the mental health of those who want to push them away, either for business purposes, or simply because they feel uncomfortable.

Paul Morcos, Federal Way

Keep up the great job

Sounds like the defunding and changing of the current laws has been a huge success? I would argue the only establishment not robbed to date is the shooting range!

New gun laws and gun-free zones only benefit the crazy person with the guns, as well it gives them a turkey shoot, and even if the cops show they can’t do anything to the creep at all! Way to go Seattle and city council for protecting the taxpayers, business owners and the countless numbers of citizens who want to be law abiding! Keep up the great job?

Brian Wollaston, Federal Way

I promise to remember

I promise to remember,

The soldier who served us well,

With sacrifice and devotion,

Into the depths of Hell;

His, was a journey,

Shielded by a song and prayer,

He answered the patriot’s call

With the trumpet flare;

I promise to remember,

For all I hold so dear,

The precious price of freedom,

A hope for peace, not fear,

I promise to remember,

As I close my eyes each night,

The assurance of brave sentinels

Ready to defend and fight;

I promise to remember,

As I breathe and live,

The fallen heroes everywhere,

For they gave, all there was, to give.

Robert J. Darrigan, Federal Way