Federal Way proud | Letter to the editor

Around noon May 31, Nick Rose, who owns our Ace Hardware store, told me he was thinking about shutting down early.

I asked him why and he said because of the looting. I told him he did not have to worry about that here in our city. Send someone down to see what Federal Way citizens are doing at the corner of Pacific Highway and 320th Street.

I can proudly tell you that there were between 350-400 peaceful protesters of all colors and stripes: about 35% black; 35% young and under-30 white people; Latinos for Black Lives Matter; sign carriers saying All Lives Matter; a young man from China with his Filipino girlfriend; church people; gay people; straight people; older people; and more.

Officers from our highly accredited police department were present and many of us were happy to engage and greet them. Later there were a couple of attempts at unlawful behavior, but the police responded promptly and no serious harm was done. Great job, Chief Andy Hwang.

During the pandemic, many of us have safely experienced some of the wonderful outdoor areas in “the city of parks” as I describe my hometown. One of the most beautiful and overlooked treasures is the peaceful 40 acres of PowellsWood Gardens, which is one of the finest in the Northwest.

We also have some super retail operations. Ace Hardware offers the personal service and value that you do not get elsewhere. JDK Small Engine Repair is so good they attract repeat customers from as far away as Tacoma.

We are blessed with a wide array of eateries that offer variety, tastes and value. Some of our favorites are Pacific Island Grill, Poverty Bay Coffee, East India Grill, B&R Espresso Bar and Costa Chica, 31007 Pacific Highway S., for the best tamales in town.

Federal Way is a great location near the airport for travel, minutes to the water and outdoors, great local city government, great people representing us in Olympia.

Federal Way is not perfect, but I have lived here for 45 years, and there is no other place I’d rather be.

Jim Grayson, Federal Way