Don’t close Steel Lake Park | Letter to the editor

The closure of Steel Lake Park will increase, rather than decrease, COVID-19 infections in Federal Way.

Reputable medical experts including the World Health Organization, the University of Washington, and Longevity Clinic operator Dr. Jerry Mixon say that the COVID-19 virus is not transmitted in the outdoors. Immunity to the virus is enhanced by outdoor exercise.

Closing Steel Lake Park does not reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus and deprives people of the opportunity for outdoor exercise that would enhance their immunity to the virus.

Evidence of the lack of transmission of the virus outdoors is there are no reports of urban rioters, who are close together with others for an extended time, contracting the virus following their rioting.

I hike twice a week on wilderness trails with other people and avoid enclosed areas where others are present. I have not contracted the COVID-19 virus, although at 75, I am supposed to be in a high-risk age group. No one I know with a similar lifestyle has contracted the virus.

To reduce COVID-19 infections requires keeping people out of enclosed areas with other people and encouraging them to exercise outdoors as much as possible.

Dick Hayek

NE Tacoma