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Dismayed that district cannot figure out how to work with city

Step up to the plate and actually deliver something rather than hiding behind ridiculous pseudo-terminology.

This letter is regarding the Mirror’s recent story, “District delays first day of school for some students.”

I am both dismayed but unfortunately not surprised that Federal Way Public Schools somehow cannot figure out how to work with the city to ensure that hundreds of kids for the relocated Lake Grove and Wildwood Elementary schools start school on time.

The quote from Superintendent Tammy Campbell that the delay is “a complex issue” is an excuse about as weak as her continued use of the term “scholar” for 7-year-olds. Step up to the plate, Dr. Campbell, and actually deliver something rather than hiding behind ridiculous pseudo-terminology.

Lastly, I was just speechless reading the quote from board President Geoffery McAnalloy who apparently has consumed the Campbell Kool-Aid, using the term “scholar” at least eight times in a short quote, setting possibly a new record even for district administrators. It would be nice if you actually held Campbell accountable for lack of delivering a quality project on-time, on-budget. You might look up accountable in the dictionary. It’s a real word in this context.

Vince Skahan

Federal Way

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