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Cannabis should be legalized for sale in Federal Way

It’s been said cannabis will be the next large-scale economic driver.

With regard to the thinking that cannabis brings crime into a city, I would think that would be before voters legalized cannabis.

It was illegal but now not. It has been put into the open market as a business, and certainly by removing those barriers, a vast myriad of products are springing forth, new jobs are being created by the new industries that are popping up around the state and across the country. It’s been said it will be the next large-scale economic driver and investors will be jumping on the commercial ventures that will most certainly be put forward.

As to it being a gateway addiction drug, I’m not sure where you live, but certainly Federal Way has had its drug scene on the corners of our city with black tar opium and fentanyl. We find needles strewn all over our parks, wooded areas, back streets, and those are the people who are truly addicted to something that is extremely difficult to cease using.

We have liquor that can be purchased in grocery stores after the state liquor stores were removed and replaced. Certainly the argument exists that drunk driving is alive and well as we hear about it continuously. But liquor is legal.

Cigarettes, which kill people from long-term usage and second-hand smoke, also makes people ill, cancer, lung diseases, a long list of maladies. But it’s legal.

Cannabis has been shown to help people in pain and there are studies that show cannabis can aid people who are recovering from surgery, recovery from drug addiction, aids PTSD sufferers, the list of positives is extremely lengthy. But it’s illegal in Federal Way.

I hope I never need it for my health and I would never purchase it as a recreational consumer item either.

I do, however, think it should be legalized for sale in Federal Way.

Roger Flygare

Federal Way

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